OPR Update Opinion

Why support a 40 v 40 game mode. The combat can be pretty elegant given the right scenario.

Why not support something much more sensible to your current PVP system and game code.

20 v 20.
10 v 10.
5 v 5.
1 v 1.

All those 4 modes combine = 72 people.
1 OPR = 80 people.

Games should be 15-20 minutes average and ques should be quicker.

I get the optimistic idea of a big grand constant 40 v 40 war battle, but the current state feels very amateurly developed and put together (No offense to anyone).

I hope you got what data you need to help polish out the territory wars from it, but please consider OPR’s current state.

  • The map is to big (We don’t need more running simulator when queuing for PVP focused content. There is currently way to much dead space.)
  • Many aspects seem way unbalanced and don’t add any value to OPR. The brutes. The war cannons you can craft. The base upgrades. Why have these in the game? When you seen something pointless to the goal it takes away from feeling polished.
  • To much CC from weapons causing perceived nonsense and chaos. Especially with the current server verified player position correction system.
  • Zero chance for any team coordination. Currently OPR supports brainless “zerging”. You cant see where any of your team is beyond the 5 random people who don’t talk to you.

Please consider the smaller game modes since they take far less people to fill and please consider aiming for the games to be less lengthy. I feel you can add much more value and replay value to your que’d PVP system.

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