OPR/PVP need improvement/change ASAP

New world pvp features is so minimal that need to be improved as soon is possible, here some feedback/ bug that need be fix mainly in OPR

  1. Unable to move : Movement Bug in War // This bug normally happend after getting CC and the only way to move is “jump” or use weap.
  2. OPR map need to re-invented , strongly recommended to reduce the map size to improve the pvp action , i adverstise to change OPR map like smite arena map Arena-V3-Minimap — ImgBB
  3. Removed “ALL” pve features in that game mods. Removed Brute/summoning features, the brute CC more that players and hit even harder that some players/weapon. I recognize that previous nerf was good but to push the pvp/action features to is maximal brute and all monster should be removed
  4. Melee teleport back “bug” is other issue that need to be address , here a perfect exemple What Playing A MELEE In NEW WORLD Is Really Like.... - YouTube
  5. PVP reward need to be scalling with players level , its doesn’t make sence to open a box from OPR and still get 500+ GS weap when you are lvl 60, that issue apply to open pvp too , reward need to be improved badly

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