Optimal use of orbs is stockpile them

There appears to be a big flaw in the mutated orb system which was introduced late in it’s development. Since orbs are consumed to climb the ladder to M10 which gives the best rewards, and we will have to re-climb the ladder for each dungeon (and each week?? - unclear about this but the point stands either way), it seems for maximum rewards we need to not play mutations for several weeks to save up orbs so we can repeat rank 10 as many times as possible, thereby getting the max rewards per orb. This is problematic because a lot of players will choose this optimal gameplay loop which keeps them out of the new mutations for several weeks and encourages an unhealthy amount of play within a future week. A solution would be allowing our M10 codexes to work between all mutated dungeons.

It appears this was a last minute change as the Dev video from December said they wanted mutations to be repeatable daily. I think a big problem with player retention is these sorts of switcheroos that make the players feel shafted. I ask that the community managers find out who was responsible for this change from what we heard in the Dev video, and that the responsible person/party personally explain their reasoning. The players deserve to know.


Just as a warning for stockpiling, “they may remove the orbs”. So be sure that you want to take that risk.

And yes know it’s unlikely, but in this game anything is possible.

Not really. Because you won’t be able to get to M10 without proper gear with high GS. So the best strategy is to do them on the highest level you can. This will speed things up. On 600 expertise you get 3 umbral shards per cast, on 606 you get 6 umbral shards, on 608 you get 9 umbral shards. So the higher you get your expertise the more shards you get without running a dungeon.

So the optimal strategy is to upgrade your gear (even if it’s not BIS item) to run the highest level as soon as possible. If you get a BIS item in a process you’ll upgrade it to the same GS in like 1 mutation run on high level.

I don’t think you understand. What about next week when mutated Dynasty comes out and you have 620 GS and cleared Laz M9 using up all of your orbs the previous week. Are you going to spend 9 orbs beating Dynasty M1-9 just so you can use your last few orb(s) on rank 10? It’s a waste of orbs to clear M1-9 again on another dungeon.

No need for BIS, you can take any gear you want and as long as it’s above recommended GS you do X% more dmg. Here a example wth 623GS (33k shards)

After that offer yourself as booster with your gear, you do the DMG of 1.6x players and get all the shards you want and earn cash

Exactly. And when you reach like lvl 6 with not BIS gear for gold medal you’ll get 800 shards. Which will let you upgrade BIS drop instantly from 600 to 615 or even higher. So stockpiling orbs and waiting to use umbral shards on BIS gear doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t think you read my post haha. I was suggesting saving them for future weeks, not for future gear sets. Forget about switching gear sets I’m just talking about getting the max umbrals per orb.

im a little confused by this chart. mainly with the damage scaling. So for example at mutation level 5, this chart is saying that if youre at the recommended gear score of 610 youre doing 165% more damage to the mobs? is that correct?

No he said the chart is for 623 GS. So a 623 GS does that much extra damage in M5

You get the most when actually using them up ASAP. It’s because you get free orbs or people pay you to run with them. Some people in my company made around 200k like that already. And they have enough shards for their PvP set already. (so around 60-80k shards total).

Sure you can save them up, but you’ll run in to 2 issues, people who take someone with low GS as a group member (unless you pay them) and also you’ll lack behind in gear scaling for PvP. it’s a 7% loss in midigation to not have 625GS

oh okay i understand now thank you, i see whats goin on. I was like tf? how does this make any sense in terms of scaling but now i get what he was referring too. (its still pretty wonky now that i look again with the proper context, why is m1 at 623 gear score less damage scaling then at m5? shouldnt it just be a linear scaling increase the higher your gear score is above the recommended level)

Wow I wish someone would pay me to run one with them. On my server literally nobody is even allowing me into their M6+ runs when I offer to pay. And I have a reputation as a good player. The orb slots are so scarce people are only running them when they get 5 runs for 1 orb, meaning there are no slots for sale or for carry services.

Well if you have a high enough GS people will beg you to pull them trough for maximizing their shard rewards. Most people here are also M5-M6, imagine they pull you 2-4 times trough with guaranteed gold runs, you’ll be drowning in shards.

M5 is 200, M6 is 800. M10 is 6000. I wouldn’t necessarily call M5 and M6 drowning in shards.

If they pay you + take you with them up to M8/M9 it’s more then worth the time.

M6 + M7 + M8 + M9 = 14300 Shards

Do this 2 times and you’'ve got a whole set at 623

Yeah I guess I need to find some noobs to scam out of their orbs haha.

I have no idea where those numbers come from. Would have to ask @Fenidas

They come from mixednuts dmg calculator i have my own sheet with his formulas.

The reason for M1 having less dmg scaling is because the formula is


So lower mutations level have a lower left side of the multiplication.

ahhh i see i see. mixed nuts, a chad amongst chads.