Optional level synchronization and its importance

to start off with some this isn’t a new post concept but many still struggle with the definition of optional ergo its definition is this “available to be chosen but not obligatory.”

Every quest has a window of difficulty and for some this is merely a guideline. for others like myself its a bit of pressure as the experience we gain far surpasses the pace of the story of the game and for many this is not a problem when their primary focus is the end game and pvp. however I believe there is an opportunity to satisfy the and enhance the end game experience while also ensuring that low level players dont get a bad experience if executed properly.

if(playersettingLevelSync=TRUE), set enemylevel-PlayerLevel++Float2
if(playersettingLevelSync=FALSE), change enemylevel null

there could be an increase enemy level to whatever enemy level higher a player would prefer.
considering that the game plays as its own single player game primarily and then sends information to a server for other players to receive feedback, I believe this is very much a possibility that wouldn’t hinder a lower level players experience. this would remove any barrier where players from different experience levels wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game side by side even in beginner dungeons like Amrine Ruins.

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