Orb cooldown is not the problem

The orb cooldown isn’t that much of an issue.

I think we should be able to gather 5/7 days worth of gypsum and and still keep the orb cooldown. I have limited time gameplay per day. Each obsidian has a cooldown of 10/13 minutes, 2 game of OPR, run portal trains, gather materials for my daily cooldown, attend war/invasions, make money too pay my house tax as well defend my territory/fort or push PvP quests for war in another city and the list goes on. With a limited 2/3 hours a day it’s not feasible to manage this. And I’m supposed to enjoy exploring? :rofl: This would make my weekday game time way more enjoyable and less a huge chore trying to get everything done as quickly as possible so I can enjoy doing this I like

Bump this post as it will benefit the majority of casual gamers…

The orb cooldown became apparent within a couple of days of gypsum release. On day 3 I was getting gypsum again 8 hours before I could craft an orb. Because of how the timers work your gypsum cooldown tends to move towards earlier in your playtime and orb/cache cooldowns move to later in your playtime until you miss it totally and have to skip a day. And Viola you have extra gypsum you can’t do anything with because the next time you logged on you got the next day’s gypsum.

I haven’t run into this problem. The main problem was the topaz gypsum not giving 10 before the potion ran out. And had a surplus in the end I figured it was a pure time waist and stopped farming it :rofl:

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