Orb of Changes: Reroll item stats and perks


So, after a successful raid on your favourite dungeon, it is finally time to check the loot. You know you picked up few legendary items, so you rush to check thier stats and… four legends are nothing more than a golden scrap with stats not for your class or perks so useless you would rather run naked. But the fifth looks like this:


And then you saw third perk. Instead of the most wanted resilient or refreshing, or at least Elemental Aversion you get a Blight Resistance. A resistance to a thing you can counter easily with a potion. You won’t use it, because you have a better one and you can’t sell it on the market or you can’t give it to your friend who just hit 60 level, because it is “bind on pickup”. So instead you scrap it or it goes into your golden scrap storage, with already hundreds legendary items in it, to await for a update. Maybe it will be, somehow, useful later. But…

What if you could reroll stats and perks and actually make a bad armor useful and a good armor the item you ever wanted?

My idea - “Orb of Changes”. An consumable item players could craft in order to reroll statistics or one of three perks of a single legendary, not named, item.

Orb of Changes would be another way to obtain end game gear. Players could “exchange” beating dungeons 100+ times hoping and praying to RNG to roll a wanted item with certain statistic and perks for rather big grind for a chance to upgrade already nice one they obtained by drop or crafting. Basically rewarding players more for gathering resources and crafting and not just fighting with everything.

1.Recipe: Charged Orb of Changes (Arcane 200 level, T5 Arcane)
*Orb of Changes: 1
*Piece of Soul: 666 or Umbra Shards: 50.000

2.Recipe: Orb of Changes: (Smithing/Armoring 200, T5 forge)
*Legendary Ingot: 5
*Voidbent ingot: 1
*Cut Pristine Jewel: 5
*Runestone: 10

3.Recipe: Legendary Ingot: (200 Smelting, T5 Furnace)
*Legendary items of your choice: 4
*Glittering Ebony: 8

Pieces of souls could be obtained from every mob on Aeternum (including dungeons, but not mutations, to avoid double reward):
0,07% for every mob level, (4,2% on 60 lvl)
0,15% for every elite mob level, (9% on 60 lvl)
0,25% for every mini-boss level, (15% on 60 lvl)
0,69% for every boss level. (41,4% on 60 lvl)

Why such high Umbra price? Because Umbra is pretty easy and fast to gain. And after getting everything to 625 it’s just piling up on it’s own. Beating M10 on silver gives 5k, which takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on dungeon and team. Encouraging and rewarding players for grinding Umbra on mutations by giving them another reason to do so is not my intention. My intention is to push them into open world to gather materials while also not forcing them to grind all resources too.

Why pieces of souls?
As above, but same goes for crafters and gatherers, to push’em into dungeons and open world to fight. Also, such % chance to drop them in open world to push players to high end level locations for more things than just elite chests and higher token rewards.

Why use legendary items? Because there is no usage for legendary scrap items, especially those with “bind on pickup”. Well, other than dismantling them. With time, when people melt all legendary items into ingots, they will be actually worth something, because they are… you know, legendary items.

Why Voidbent ingot? To make motes more important while also adding a bit more mix to crafting and keep my recipies simple at the same time.

Why Cut Pristine Jewels? Creating high value item to change high value item to a higher value item. Thus why high value stones with runestones alongside.

Why Glittering Ebony? Because you can’t melt legendary items just using normal coal. Also, grind and as above, high value item to create high value item.

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