Orb of Protection?

I really don’t understand why Orb of Protection is the size of a grape now… It’s a fairly lackluster ability as it was, but now you nerf it so it’s impossible for it to do any damage or hit more than one teammate with it. The ability is basically pointless now.

Doesn’t it have a talented aoe effect anyway? So. Hitting one would still provide aoe benefit?
10% aoe fortify isn’t lack lustre. That turns 10k hits from bosses into 9. That’s huge.

Genuinely asking.

Sad I have to add that on these forums.

What is a talented aoe effect?

The orb of protection perk?

It adds a 3m aoe effect.

It essentially lets you fire it onto the tank or a melee dps. And give them all 10% fortify. And you fortify.

Not sure why it’s so bad. That’s a lot of mitigation.

it’s more the heal is just eh at best so you have to trade off heals for dmg.
The combo of Sacred Ground, Light’s Embrace and Beacon is just a lot better at keeping people alive once they learn the green circle on the ground is good for them


Also, don’t get caught in the trap of going magnify as it’s mostly useless. The buffs you would be extending just aren’t potent enough by themselves to warrant the expenditure of perk points vs getting more passives and beacon. Recovery does not seem to scale correctly compared to all the other weapon damage % healing either. Now with orb aoe being miniscule in size due to “improvements” the ability is mostly useless and magnify is straight up dead.

The whole right tree is just focused around a lot of annoying maintenance in general and it honestly doesn’t pan out well when there’s nothing like wow’s weakauras or some sort of buff tracking in place. Light’s embrace is at least an exceptionally potent heal the moment combat starts and buffs roll out.

Did they address this in the patch? Because it’s so small now. Like I used to use it to help heal myself when I’m alone. and it’s so hard to shoot it at my feet now.

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