Orbs are the dumbest idea ever conceived in history of gaming

Just do away with excavations all together. Focus on the stuff that makes sense…

To make orb you need to do corruption main event… well, kinda hard to get one assembled (especially lower levels) when

  • They’re scattered randomly and most likely have to burn Azoth to get to one you can do (if < 60)
  • TRAVELING IS SLOW AND SUCKS AND NO ONE wants to do it if its really not in their immediate interest.
  • Why burn azoth and time when by time you get there, SOMEONE ELSE COULD OF ALREADY FINISHED THE EVENT

Just do away with group content all together. Stick with solo and PvP endgame AGS. Hat-off to well thought out construct here. A++++++++++


I dont think you are going to like this game in the long run.


not to mention some corruptions spawn next to landmarks ON ALL SIDES so NO WHERE to place your fucking camp GG!

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From the Dev Blog: [Dev Blog] High Watermark System

Read towards the bottom:

“We know that Tuning Orbs for those Expeditions are particularly time-consuming to craft right now, so we’re in the process of adjusting Expedition Tuning Orb crafting requirements. We expect to release an update to the crafting requirements for Tuning Orbs sometime in November after we have vetted the changes, so keep an eye on the update notes!”

You must be new to MMOs if you think this is the worse. The worst is squarely the games that monetize their dungeon access system by requiring them to buy keys to open chests. Go on over to Neverwinter and buy yourself some legendary dragon keys and then come back and tell me New World’s dungeon system is the worst.

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This game is not for you.

Well did you play MMO on your phone? Cuz no any PC classic MMO require real money to get into dungeons.

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