Orbs should be tradeable

According to this, why aren’t orbs tradeable then? What’s the point of them not being tradeable if this is an intended feature? It just makes selling them have extra steps.

They shouldn’t be tradable, they shouldn’t be sellable, they shouldn’t even exist in the first place.



one reason a lv12 is spamming orbs is because its the unintended consequence of some special folks having two characters on the same server. feed the alt rocks till they have stone cutting 200.

and blamo you can sell extra orbs per day.

ultimately i dont care if people sell orbs or shards with in game currency

i dont really understand the absolute hatred for it.
it doesn’t exactly affect anyone besides gold being exchanged for goods and services.

Soon they wont be used for dungeon access anyhow. They will be changed to give a bonus loot roll or something in probably the June or July patch when dungeon finder comes out.

They should have done this 4 months ago instead wasting dev time over and over for a player hated thing. The only people that supported orbs were the ones trying to sell slots to make money. Everyone else hated it and people were locked out of content for no reason other than to try and slow people down. Instead many people quit because they had nothing to do and the expertise grind is/was ridiculous.

tuning orbs should be removed from the game entirely.

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