Orbs/Keys for dungeons


I think this key system just for do a basic and common content PvE in any MMORPG is useless. Don’t understand why it exists and I think all the instances should be free enter and farmeables even with 1 or 2 ppl (if the dungeon mechanic let this happen)

I never seen some dungeons due to these restriction and I think it’s more funny farming an ini than crafting an orb.
If I’m high lvl I wanna try to do alone or with a friend low lvl dungeons just for fun or discover the ingame content. And if I’m low lvl I need to do these runs for gear or discover the game, but the key system is annoying.

So pls think about it and let us enjoy the ingame features without these meaningless key system.


I agree the fact that items are now only efficiently improveable by doing content which is timegated to 2 runs per week is INSANE.
Making content which is grindy only to lock it behind a timegate which only fits casual players is hilarious.

Not to mention the orb crafting costs with the gem dust will be insane too…

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Orbs are a disgusting way to gate dungeon just put a hard limit on how many times you can run each dungeon per day if we need limits on this…

I was hoping AGS would get it and remove these stupid orbs however instead they will be adding more for the new dungeon modes…lmfao.


if you put “a days” worth of time to level your stonecutting to 150 you can craft these tuning orbs No problem. (to level just hit “boulders” EVERYWHERE and make them into stonebricks… thats it… thats all it takes (a level 1 can do this with zero mining), lodestone also if you got high enough mining… (faster if you fuse gems, but might cost some coin)

the other mats take “a small effort” or "a party of 5, witch is OK !! cause they all get the mats ASWELL AS YOU, so when your all done getting the materials TOGETHER, you can RUN THE DUNGEON 5 TIMES AS A GROUP. (sorry for caps)

this system limits you a bit, as it is a “time gate” but it doesnt limit how many times you can run the dungeon. as most everything is also just “tradeable” you can buy/sell parts to get what your missing or want to save time on…

if they dont have some sort of limiting factor, and had zero tuning orbs, they would TIME LOCK content. (like open world chests currently) due to the insane GS bump that comes from a dungeon run. i dont want to be limited to “running it once a day”… let those who learn/know how to gather what they need, in a party to speed it up even, have the ability to run it as many times as they want

with your idea, openworld becomes pointless, and the game is just a town simulator, as no reason to leave and explore anymore.

if someone would make a guide on how EASY it is to get gen/laz keys and you all see they take 1-2 hours at tops (even less if you pool your resources together to make a orb) maybe it wouldnt be so controversial ? or is it the fact people sell there orbs for 10k and you dont want to buy a seat for 2k ? (you MAKE 1200g just from BOSS kills alone ALREADY, and some loot to sell aswell to get almost all or more then your seats price back?)

Ok you clearly didnt get my point.

Bumps are nice but i can get them from cast so whatever.
The thing everyone will care after the update is the umbral shards and judging by the information released the only way to get them after finishing dailies are crafting or Dungeons.

In addition after all the drop nerfs nobody seems to like farm certain bosses for drops.
So to get legendaries or better gear you have to craft or do dungeons and the fact that they lock dungeons behind a time gate is ridiculous.
5 man 5 rotations is like 2-3h in a decent group mabey more with the mutations.
That means i can do Dungeons 2/7 days in a week while on all other days i have to gather or play other games cause im timegated and not intressted into crafting over and over for a small amount of umbral shards.

But ofc there seems to be casual players which are happy doing their pve content on 2 days in a week like you @Obliviana.

if you make it all about dungeons for gear, crafting system will be useless… thats 70 % of the game is crafting

Yeah guess that why peeps are selling gen/laz runs…lol Your premise is only good if you want to do in this game is run dungeons and not much else.

Orbs need to go…it is a stupid mechanic thought up by some clueless dev.

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you got discord ? ill explain how you can get a key in under a hour ?

Yes BiS gear comes from crafting and thats what iam trying to get too but i cant afford 1000 rolls on each piece every week and judging by the statement crafting doesnt give alot of umbral shards.

the “getting a tuning orb” is end game content, remove it and you remove a task you can preform when your max level…

like i said if you got 5 peeps together to do it together, and didnt have time to run it 5 times you could just spread them out over the next few play sessions ?? you could sell them as a group, and split the profits ?? to buy materials for those 600 GS items to craft…

theres a way you can make value over the time it takes/tasks required to get a key… if you dont want to do it, just buy the seats in key runs, like i said, you make MOST if not MORE of your money back when you just wanna be lazy and run the dungeon

im not saying its the BEST idea implemented, but i also think its not the worst…

look at WOW, each raid was a 7 day lockout ?? you only get to raid once a week. thats it… this system, the more active players can play DAILY on what they want to do

also dungeons arnt SOLO content, there GROUP content, if you pool resources, or work as a team to get a orb you can get it done easy

if you try to solo all the materials, then yes, this is a content blocker for you.

but there is companys, faction chat … help chat ( if you say your running to mangled to get your daily runes you randomly get 20 people to show up in a blink of a eye )

there is means to get them, just try to put effort, i get WOW was easy, select a dungeon, hit Que, wait, and your in… this is a new system, give it a try ? its very fun, and enjoyable

I’d actually run expeditions if there wasn’t a cost.
I’ve run gen once.

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its a “risk VS reward” system, given a free chance of a bunch of watermarks, or upgrades for nothing yields zero risk

if your on midian server, i can run you in a dungeon RIGHT NOW… i always enjoy showing the dungeon to first timers…

Yes we can see you enjoy this most people do not and it is causing more harm than good as lots of people are just skipping dungeons due to it.

Orbs are not a risk vs reward thing, they are just a very unneeded time sink.

That said the new dungeon modes do not sound like something lots of people will enjoy…I mean seriously a speed run time mode… is this the best they could come up with…lmao

No one cares. It’s a video game let me que for a group and play the game after work.

just pay gold, and you can

See… I am sensing an ulterior motive here on your part :wink:

I’m sure there are ways to change the orb system to make it less annoying, but I think all the outrage does stem from people not collaborating to contribute resources to craft the orbs. Everyone sits around and waits for someone else to do all of the work and complains when they sell the spots. All it takes is a few messages in your company chat to try to mitigate the costs and craft an orb without the huge fees. I say all of this as someone who has complained in the past about having to buy my way into dungeons. I’ve come to realize that I was just being lazy and was paying for my lack of effort to gather and try to work together with others.