Orbs/Keys for dungeons


exactly, its a GROUP activity, pool resources… its SUPER EASY

you seem like the type of guy who complained when they upgraded myrkgard and couldnt zerg it

Wtf does myrk have to do with paying for an expedition

Everyone hates the zerg you browse the forums? It’s a sad excuse for end game content and wasn’t intended to be zerged. Player do it because it’s efficient for looting chest not enjoyment.

Guessing you don’t know what zerg truly means then?

Saying someone couldn’t zerg run myrk is kind of an oxymoron.

you broad statment that “everyone hates tuning orbs comes from”

its my counter point, just cause a few posts say they dont like it, doesnt mean the whole community hates it…

only people who complain come to forums to complain, people who enjoy it, dont…

its better then time locked content, let us play as much as we want in a MMO…

if there was no lockout, no tuning orb, unlimited running of dungeons. it would only take a WEEK for EVERYONE to get 600 GS… and then quit cause nothing left to do…

the key is something to do, if you fail to figure out how to do that SIMPLE task… go try another game… im offering help here, if you want to learn how to craft it…

great guide to getting to 150 stone cutting… all you need that really limits you

You obviously don’t read these forums… And you white knighting being a fan Bois doesn’t improve the game feedback does… It’s know zerg are shit and no one likes time gates orbs, paying for expeditions

You’re oblivious


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Agreed, we need to remove orbs!

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forums are for discussion ideas, pro/con

i can agree or disagree with your post, its what the forums are for… i am even offering help

no need to bring insults, they just lessen your argument for your idea

fan boy. yeah i enjoy the game i play it a lot. you can disagree with my option sure that is ok, i agree we need discourse to help a game grow

just insulting me and no offering counter ideas doesn’t help strengthen your argument

Nah, the orbs force you to interact with the world at least. Whether through the TP, or gathering the resources yourself. No orbs means everyone playing dungeons non stop or as soon as the time lock ends.

exactly… content generators

Counter idea… remove your blindfold. We enjoy it and play a lot to. That’s why we give real feedback. And don’t pretend life is rainbows and butterflies.

Fix bugs (desync), remove bots, rework war so you have a chance to win on attack, adjust tax revenue or remove it at this point. AGS should apologize for the tax overlook since house update and refund our coin.

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games only a few months old, granted we would have liked the game to be perfectly balanced at launch, thats not the style they do nowadays…

the known issues list is long, i agree… im just saying that orbs isnt a issue, a counter point to your post. and those issues you list, are 100 % a bigger desire to fix, i agree

your lazyness to get a orb, isnt a reason to make a forum post, but you can voice your dislike of it, sure.

if there a part of it that was bugged, then maybe talk about that ?

so if you agree life isnt rainbows and butterflies, why would the game be ??

Practice what you preach?


My principal point is that there is a unnecessary thing which is every time limiting our enjoynes of the game.
The keys doesn’t offer nothing new: we need to do portals and crafting for other reasons, so, the time we use in obtain it, we could use it doing dungeons, in my opinion is better.

If u like to do orbs, I won’t stop you, it’s OK, but it are a obstacle and dont offer nothing new or funny.
If AGS wants ppl do and discover their content, don’t limit in that weird way.

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10 powerful gemstone dust = 30 pristine gems currently. it’s not a small effort to acquire 30 pristine gems. it’s either a ton of gold, or days if not weeks of grinding various things + luck. and that’s just ONE component of the mutator orbs, at least per the current PTR build.

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