Orichalcum farm - PVP/PVE need changes

I’m a returning player and I love the game, but I started mining orichalcum this week, and it is by far the worst experience I’ve had in this game. I want the game to get better so I’ll say the problems and some suggestions:

  1. Farming orichalcum with PVP ON: you find a node and another pvp player, and so you both fight for it. That’s nice. But it’s awful to see that while you’re fighting, a pve player appears and mines the node.
  2. PVP OFF/ON: I found a node, nice! Oh wait, there’s someone coming. Oh, he’s bringing 50 monster to you. They hit you, cancel your mining and then he takes the node.

Both these issues are extremely tilting, you just feel like they’ve stolen from you and you can’t do anything about it. Some suggestions:

  • You could maybe make pvp/pve nodes different (a pve player can mine a pve node, but the pvp player willl still see the pvp node unless a pvp player takes it). In order to avoid the spamming of changing PVP to PVE for farming extar nodes, you could make a system that let you choose to be a pvp or pve miner, you have to choose to be one of those with a CD of 1 day maybe (so people don’t spam the change). You’d be able to change from PVP to PVE and viceversa as always, but you can only farm in the mode you chose for that day).

I really liked Guild Wars 2 solution to the resource issue: All nodes were “instanced” to each player. You could mine a node, but so could another player, simultaneously, if necessary. Each person would get the resource equally and it would be on “cooldown” for that player (but not other players who hadn’t mined it yet). If you mined it, it would gone until the “cooldown” had finished, but another player who hadn’t mined it yet could come up and strike it to get his/her portion of the node. Thus, if you do the work of going out there and mining, you get the reward. No “flagging” to fight over it or dragging monsters over to harass people because no one could “steal.”


If they made a change like this they would have to rename the game from New World to Botting Heaven. Like, there are already so many bots, imagine if every single bot could gather the whole route without anyone else taking the node first lol!

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Yeah, that’s a good point. AGS definitely needs to get the botting under control.

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Said before and will repeat here, the only fair change for everyone is stop spawning nodes on same spot, put a randomization script so a node never spawn in same spot in at least a month. It’s easy to do and will get rid of 99% of bots.

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its really bad bro.

the best scenario is u fight for rare resources

I disagree. Flagging over resources was a huge mistake.


risk x reward

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PvP vs PvE. Typically, PvPers aren’t crafters. Of course, there are exceptions.

PvPers want to fight.
PvEers want the resource.

PvPer in their PvP gear vs PvEer in “mining gear” is hardly a fair fight. One is out to fight; the other is out to gather. These are cross-purposes.

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I get your point but I don’t think there’s that much of a difference betwen pvp and mining gear. I bought my mining gear with the right starks and the best perks I saw to be able to pvp. Of course the pvp set will bet better, but I don’t think there’s that much of a difference (unless you’re playing with full legendaries BIS on your pvp set, which should be like a 0,001% of players)

So you’re saying, if I play as a healer where all my points are in Focus, and I put on Strength mining gear (aka “Miners” hat, chest, gloves, legs, shoes), there’s not much difference?!! I respectfully disagree.

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Easy solution : I don t want to see PVE players on my screen at all !

That’s an interesting proposition. Flagged players only appear to flagged players and unflagged players only appear to unflagged players… each in their own “instance.”

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Guys, I am not the type of person, and never say that, but then NW is not for you xD
It is totally intended - resources have to be scarce, and in worst case fought over, just like in real world. To have a healthy economy. Kinda simple.

Furthermore, as I already said in one of many similar topics - change you attitude dude. Stolen from you?? Nodes are in an open world, to claim by anyone, free for all. They cant be stolen as they belong to no one xD accept it and on you go to next node, chill and enjoy the ride :slight_smile: if you cant deal with it - just go buy it. From someone more cheeky, mire aggresive, more resistant to stress :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with you. I only think they could add a little bit more nodes since on very high populated servers you starve for it… Im not saying 100s i mean like 20 more max

Maybe with new maps

Yeah, that would be nice. On the other hand it might be intended. I mean there is still Ori ore on the market, so it is not like there is not enough ori for all :wink:

Why not give some resources each swing on the ore vein instead of all on the last hit? Let more then 1 person mine it at a time? One shot hitting ore/tree with 300 str/con kind of breaks if this changes however. No idea the best way to fix this, good ideas so far!

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The only problem with all of these suggestion and game mechanic is this is too late ! :frowning:


AGS encourages griefing, otherwise they would’ve done something about it from the start.

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Rohne, I am a mage and I dont use strength for mining. The farming perks locked to stats sucks but I don’t think that’s a huge problem compared to the other things I said