Orichalcum prices

On my server the price of orichalcum ore is currently 3g each and 37g each for a ingot. There needs to be more tier 5 nodes placed across the map or something. Can’t farm really cause so many people and or bots just camping existing nodes and clearly paying for it at trading post is outrageous prices.

Someone who just wants to make gear and asmo and not be poor after

ingots are 50g each on my server and ores 4g

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crazy couple days ago they where 16g here

I have similar prices and asmo is going for 400-500 gold, I still make decent profit. I would like to see more nodes as well, but personally I am more bothered by feathers and fireflies (and most other baits) being sold for 0.01 gold and other stuff that is too cheap and gather/crafting it is not profitable.

The cost of crafting is what really irks me. I grinded watermark to max on everything except jewelry pre 1.2 because I had access to crafters who were funded by our company. I planned to level my crafts after I’d completed my pve grind for all desireable named drops at 600 gearscore. But now it costs 3-4x as much to level those crafts up. Meanwhile, the people who focused on crafting early were able to get 200 crafts using linen, iron, and coarse leather can now max their expertise in 3 weeks with the gypsum system.

Just keep gathering stuff yourself for crafting. Only weaponsmithing is tricky, but I make small profit with buy orders on orich ore and legendary mats, I sell the ingots and make disposable crafts with the legendary mats (cinnabar/tolvium) that are cheaper than ori ingots.
And I am not sure about maxing the expertise in 3 weeks, I got my average expertise barely to 503 overall and I try to make at least two crafts a day.

Armoring and arcana aren’t bad. Jewelcrafting is kind of a headache because I rely on cheap jewels on the market for quick progress. Its engineering and weaponsmithing which are AWFUL. Now that many servers have merged everyone is starting to understand high pop server woes. When I go out on a 2 hour mining session it is always contested and I average 3k orichal ore. That’s enough for ~ 375 ori ingots out of the 9.5k ingots required to level weaponsmithing from 150-200. And I didn’t even account for the time to acquire platinum or starmetal ingots.

Pre 1.1 all you had to do to get from 150-200 weaponsmithing was spend 40k on tier 1 resources and hit the salvage button 3 thousand times

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