Orichalcum Vein values seem wrong. Smaller veins gives more ores that bigger ones

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Orichalcum Vein values seem wrong.

Small veins gives between 36-42* ores.
Big veins gives between 18-27* ores.

It would make sense for it to work the other way around.

*min max values may change. I have not noted all the values.

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Mine a small Orichalcum Vein. Mine a big Orichalcum Vein. Values seems to be changed.

Here’s a screenshot, was about to create a post about this

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Amazon nerfed fishing treasure chests for 0 gold and profit, now bots occupied every spot of Orichalcum without mobs, nice strategy aMAZON, nice strategy…

Starmetal has the same issue, big veins give less then small ones. Only for Iron it is correct.


Yeah, you’re right. I can confirm it also happens on Starmetal.

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