OSNW - Old School New World

The game has been through so much in such a short period of time. Ton of criticism. Ton of game breaking bugs. Doomsayers constantly predicting the end of the game, yet it trugs on. I used to play RuneScape a long time ago and people would talk about the great “dupe” where party hats were duplicated. Shifting the purple (pink) phat from the most expensive to the cheapest based on how much it was duped. We had the great Falador massacre on 6/6/06 where Duriel went around killing people, someone lost a phat, no roll back, someone lost their entire accounts worth in a single day because of a bug. Planet Hell immortalized. Yet people looked back on those times as monumental moments with a certain nostalgia. Will we look back in the same way? Will the great sausage be immortalized until the end of time?

I wonder if people will look back on this time nostalgically thinking. Man, I want to go back to the original game

As crazy as that concept seems at this time haha. Just had the shower thought.

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I wish I could go back to the first open beta. Leveling in scorpion killing tons of mobs with my friends with unstoppable AOE skills was fun as shit.

Now it is completely ruined, all the friends I made nobody plays anymore. my server has 1,5k player tops. Yep, this is game is dead. At least in my country region.

I completely lost my hope for new world after the utterly ridiculous consumable duplication bug. I realized the game wasn’t gonna get better with the current people. If the game wasn’t dead, it was heading for the grave. Then news of Frazzy quitting gave me hope again!

But it’s really disconcerting that we hear nothing and looks like game keeps plunging in numbers and communication…

For those that played in the alpha and beta, anything in particular you liked about specific versions? Things that you are glad they changed? Lessons learned? Things you wish they could bring back?

Yeah it really is. I’m still hopeful but it’s tough when you see the numbers. Still holding on because this game clearly has insane potential. I was looking at other games recently, one being GW2 because I’m really interested in open world and dynamic events which I’ve been disappointed by how limited it is in NW. Then started looking at other big MMOs because I’ve really not been in the MMO world before NW and it really does look gorgeous. Can’t imagine getting into other MMOs after I’ve been spoiled with these graphics. The immersion is incredible. I think the studio has a ton of resources so that they can keep this going, even when the player counts are so low, I just wondering sometimes if it’s best to wait it out and come back in a year and see where it’s at then. Then they release something and I get pulled back in again haha.

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Ive been playing MMOs since EQ beta in 1998. It’s definitely hard to play something different after being in the beautiful world of Aeternum. Its also hard because I got really use to the action combat and its tough to go back to tab target.

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Dynamic events were a ton of fun in the past. Especially when they were related to parts of the Story. Like the destruction of Lion’s Arc.

Well, they are still good to farm. And you got many maps. But some, you need a guild to do the Map-wide events cuz it’s hard. Like whole-map dungeon. Gw2 has good scaling and character progression. Gear is easy to obtain. Easiest of any game I’ve seen.

Story is amazing. PvP complex and requires a lot of learning.

However, Gw2 graphics are too old. Even for their time, they were opaque and too dark. Tho new maps look better. graphics and sound are far from NW’s.

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Oh, man, you never played Tera or Blade and Soul? Tera had better action combat than NW. BnS was a little clunky but also good. Tera was poorly optimized tho. I used to get 1 frame every 2 seconds in Nexus haha. And BnS was killed by microtransactions.

Lost Ark has the smoothest action combat I’ve seen tho. GW2 is a hybrid. Has non-target actions and also tab target skills.

What made Terra’s action combat better? It seems they got the optimization problems in common though haha.

Another thing I really hope they work on and improve are quests. The only other MMO I really played was RuneScape and from my searches online and my own experience, I think they really have some of the best quests among MMOs. Feel free to add in some real MMO experience here. I think one issue is that the framework for RS and style was much more simple that they could build in puzzles into their quests and make them more unique. I mean they had quests on release that without a guide may take 6+ hours to complete! Don’t think there are any quests that I would even consider using a guide for in NW because of their simple nature. They also use too many waypoints. Where are the riddles and figuring out where to go on your own? RuneScape also could do pretty much weekly updates so they probably have hundreds of quests by now. NW still new, so can’t have too many. It’s just the quality is so low unfortunately. Would love to see more puzzles and unique interactions in the quests, instead of the fetch quests we see in NW. The newer quests so far seem to be more interactive so appreciate the improvements.

I did not because I have some hand disabilities and was afraid I couldn’t play well enough for that. I stuck to tab targets. EQ, EQ2, SWG, WoW, Vanguard, LoTRo, Rift, SWToR, Age of Conan, many others that I dabbled in but didnt really like. Mostly I stayed with just one MMO until I stopped enjoying myself. I was never much of a multi gamer. I almost didnt try NW but got an Alpha invite and it turns out that while I am not great at it, I can play a little competitively.

I was told that by friends that played RS for a decade. ESO also has amazing side-quests. Main quest is meh, but sidequests are quick stories that take you to explore, and the npcs literally chase you to help them lolz

Well, skills had WAAAAAYYYY better animations and more variation of skills and builds. More impact when using Skills. Like, charging axe skill to max, consuiming 20% HP and deliver a thunk on the enemy’s head that melted their hp… Or a Slayer, managing to jump behind the enemy and deliver a powerful Stab that Crt–uff! Juicy moments.

Even to land a skill felt important. And to evade. There were more conditions and effects…You didn’t just pop a buff and left-click your way to victory. And it had COMBOS! Some were cheesy tho.

Tera combat is around NW’s combat speed but felt better. I never got tired of using skills there. From grinding from lev 1 to endgame dungeons and pvp. the chargings for more dmg gave it a nice touch. It felt awesome seeing Millions of damage pop in the screen, way above normal dmg.

Well, I understand. It does affect your performance. I have my left hand messed up quite badly too. Got a bent finger that only move half of what it used to, can’t grip strongly nor grind for many hours cuz it hurts, and I cut off a digit with a table saw. I remember after getting stitches, I made the keyboard all bloody cuz I had to pvp with the guild in GW2… lol Good times~

oh, but I think it’s mostly a reaction problem to be competitive

I feel ya. I cant even feel anything with my right hand. Have poor grip, cant make a full fist and finger movement sucks. I fumble with everything. My left hand is better now but cant feel temperature lol.

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Bring back Smite. And Wilderness skills.

I didn’t care for the gankfest of the original game; too many other games do it better and I don’t think got something like $500m they wanted a niche MMO on the scale of Life is Feudal. But I think they could have fixed that without the huge redirection they took.

Me too. I only semi-joke when I say that I aspire to be above average! :smiley: I can’t do the right click to move camera, though, which leaves many games off the table for me.

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I’ve made this reference on multiple occasions. RuneScape is arguably one of theost successful MMORPG’s of all time.

The raw OSRS is like Launch Day New World.

With some TLC they can reduce friction like New World and become friendly to all.

I love this comparison. With time, New World can be great. Nothing else grabs my attention.

I still argue that it has the best quests of any MMORPG out there despite it being one of the youngest ones. Wish New World would used it as a model. No waypoints. Riddles. Puzzles. Mmm. So good. My wife got me into New World because she wanted a game like RuneScape. Was so disappointed by the quests that she actually is back to RuneScape now despite not having played that in so many years.

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When I think of questing and progression through questing or progression in general, I often catch myself thinking of RuneScape.

Closed beta was one of the best time i had playing an MMO. Felt in love with this game. Now is a toxic relationship due to the poor work devs get done.

I wasn’t a god in RS, but I definitely sunk some time. Lol

I want to go back to the company focused territory control sandbox I originally fell in love with.

Current game is shit.