Other mmos vs newworld content release

Id just like to point out a simple comparison of wow expansion vs new world “expansion”.
Wow dropped 5 new zones, 8 dungeons, 1 raid, new class, whole hud and ability system rework and new pvp maps! In one expansion.
NW-1zone, no pvp content 1 dungeon 1 weapon 1 ability(heartrune). 1000000000 broken bugs and exploits that take a month to hot fix.
Sweet progression :ok_hand:t2:


Would still prefer new world’s action combat over a tab targeted game with 20 year old cartoonish kid graphics. I honestly don’t understand how people play wow in this day of age… I have tried to watch streams of it and it just looks so incredibly boring and the graphics are an instant turnoff… Hardly any movement. No aiming. Just a screen full of buttons on cooldowns. If the combat mechanics aren’t fun in a game, I’m not ever going to play it no matter how much content it has.


Brimstone wasn’t an expansion. It’s a free update. But we kindly ignore that to prove a shitty point, don’t we?


you also forgot:
WoW expansion cost: up to $90 usd, plus monthly fee $15 usd.
NW cost: $20 usd on sale, that’s it.


Nice try… While I want to agree with you you are using the comparison wrong.

WoW - Expantion $50-90 (You have to use low for low not highest for one and lowest for the other)
NW - $20 (When it’s on sale, which is almost always because the game isn’t doing well and can’t charge premium and get it) -45

The 15 dollar money fee can be paid for with in game currency, so not near the 15 dollars a month it once was. But I’d gladly pay it if it meant better content, and an overall better game. However once again, NW hasn’t had an expansion so plz stop comparing the updates we’ve gotten to an expantion pack. (Everyone) We do not know how much ASG is going to charge us for one, because they haven’t released one, and anyone who believes that it’s going to be free is delusional, because the game needs to make money… and the gas station bathroom they have for a store, can’t make THAT much money even though everything is way way overpriced.

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:rofl: Bro! Do you have Any Idea how Much people paid to Jump from server to server… Im 100% if we would have access to the data of transfer paying a monthly or server swap it would be the same amount at the end.

People are willing to pay if the game would provide good content. You even have people complaining they want better skin in the market…BRO AGS is saying no to " free" Money :rofl: so ya wow in update is FAR BETTER


To be fair, WoW was a full expansion which you paid for too. Brimstone we got for free. We also have 2 new dungeons now from it (Enead and the Starstone mashup which might not technically be new but definitely a fun one). Plus with WoW now, there won’t really be anything until the next tier which is usually about 5-6 months which will include a new raid and sometimes extra content and likely a new smaller zone.

I will say, each patch for WoW definitely adds a lot.

This is why I would love for New World to do an expansion with more than 1 zone, up the level to 65 or 70, add 3 or 4 new expeditions to it along with a full raid (not a 1 boss raid fight). I would be fine paying for it too.

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Let’s see. Since I started playing at lauch I have paid exactly…

** Checks notes. **



Well congratulations @Blackwing_Soul , your one of the people Who didnt transfer multiple Time alot of player paid 5+ time or bought multiple account to have more war …so by yourself your right…by the date …im sure we could assume some paid your “montly fee”

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That’s cool. I like it when other people pay for my stuff.


Would pay 100$ for a real expansion with that amount of content. Would also pay a monthly fee If they keep the Updates coming. I dont know which brain thought a one time buy would Work especially with those shitty Shop content.


I’m one who preferred a montly fee for this game, like ff14 have. 1 char ex: 7€ month, 3 chars ex: 10€. A mmorpg need costatly entrances if we would like many content… and if there are ppl in charge like this… this is what happens (always thanks to the person who decided to use Azoth Engine coof coof). And market doesn’t help if the skins quality is this.

I dunno about 100 bucks, but 30 to 40 for a standard expansion on par with the old level of quality Blizzard used to give WoW would be worth it (the newer xpacs have been progressively worse quality for more money). I can also live without all the frivolous crap tacked on for the “collector’s edition”, but if others wanna dip deeper in their wallets for that stuff it’s their prerogative.

I would even be fine with a sub, if the content AGS was churning out was timely and worth the cost.

You would think AGS would be capable, but here we are.

People saying AGS has to make money forget who owns it. Amazon is constantly battling the government theft of taxes. Having a toy to write off some taxes is what they do.

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You’re comparing 2 different games, with 2 different revenues, 2 different sets of experienced dev teams.

You’re also comparing something that they’ve been working on a pre-launch, which was free, compared to something that was being worked on for the purposes of making more money.

Biggest thing, you’re comparing a 20ish year old game, to a 1ish year old game.

Legit, you’re comparing an Acorn to a Watermelon.

Brimstone isn’t an expansion, it was never presented as expansion. It is just a patch.

WoW expansions are huge and they are every 2 years. NW isn’t even 2 years old …

Comparing WoW expansion to regular content patch in NW, dunno man.

Also WoW is a subscription model AND you need to buy Expansions which cost more than NW itself.

Apples vs oranges on so many levels.

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Lol me too. I’ve played over 3000 hours and have spent $40 to play.


BRO do you realize that’s a choice. Just because some people wasted money doing that, doesn’t mean it’s a fee imposed on all. Plus most of us had 2 free ones.

However I think you are misguided or misunderstanding me. I WANT them to make money, I just think they are going about it incorrectly. The store should be PACKED with things to buy at prices people would actually by them instead of the things we have now with all seemed to be geared to people with a lot of disposable income that feel the need to buy expensive in game items to “Raise up your truck, or buy that supercar” vs single items that appeal to everyone… They are selling ugly ferrari’s when they should be selling economy cars or better yet a large range of those things…

This is a prime example of FALSE EQUIVALENCE.

WoW has a release cycle for Expansions that has multiple Large Content Patches and smaller adjustment/tuning patches as part of it’s 2-year Expansion cycle.

Brimstone Sands was a Content Patch, not an Expansion, as it was already in the works when the game was released, similar to how WoW releases Large Content Patches during it’s typical 2-year expansion cycle. As far as a Content Patch is concerned, Brimstone Sands has been EXCELLENT, duplication exploits, server desyncs, musket exploits etc., nothwithstanding.