Our Vision For Combat: What Happened? v2.0

your not wrong man

Hatchet is a joke against good pvpers.

That does look really fun but I can see how a lot of people would find this change very difficult to adjust to but it looks like player decisions in battle would be more impactful.

This looks like it would make player skill matter more than the gear being best in slot and would be a step in the right direction towards making this game more accessible from a time-sink perspective.

At the moment I feel like “I’m behind on gear so why bother participating in PVP?”. I came back for arenas since it’s a controlled environment to fight in.

Alm that said, PTR + surveys would be amazing. Give it a few rounds of testing. Get player feedback.


Stagger locking was not a thing as you could get free dodge after 3 hits. Combat is miserable after they removed it and put a lot of band aids over the hole it left


June [Dev Video] Team Update Video #7 now live. No comment on combat whatsoever…

@Shadow_Fox anything on your end?

Off-topic: Although I must say I very much appreciate the elimination of tuning orbs as an annoying way to gate good content. Group finder should help to casually run a few dungeons without much hassle. Only question that remains: Will the lfg-tool be cross server?

I am not surpised at all ! They want to please PVE only community !


Now that stamina is in check, I think one pain point is not being able to sprint right away after an attack. For me, it’s all about skill expression. More skill gaps in the game would be ideal. I’d like to see both meele and ranged attacks to not have a “sprint penalty” anymore. It would make it easier for meele to auto->move->auto->move to chase ranged, and it would make it easier for ranged to weave in autos while kiting. With stamina being nerfed I think good players can trade abilities for stamina until you force your opponent to go stam broke.

Thank you for everything you do.

Edit: I’d like to clarify, I don’t want combat to be button mashing. I think the stamina changes were good for the game and are forcing people to actually make decisions instead of every spamming everything and spamming dodge. With my proposed change, you could increase the penalty for depleting your stamina as a way to keep the pacing in check, while simultaneously adding more skill gaps and skill expression in the game.

tytytytytytyty for real for everything <3

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Watched the video. It looks like they’re falling into their same old habits of adding more and more systems rather than refining poorly designed systems.

The Band-Aid Approach.

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That’s management for ya. Add new features to sell, rather than maintain and begin to perfect existing features to last.

Management embraces the delicacy known as Spaghetti code.

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It would be nice if they had a public prioritized backlog where we could vote on different features and put a link to it on the main menu of the game.

I’m genuinely curious how many players want this change.

It does look more fun and would open up builds that aren’t all about CC in order to get damage.

Ive mentioned in another thread that the stam nerfs aslo directly affect tanks.

Block stamina needs to either be a separate resource from dodge stamina (affects all classes) OR equipping a tower shield dramatically decreases stamnia drain (specific to heavy tanks)

Side note: what is the point of kite shields lol

Shockwave needs to be blocked by shields for defensive formation to even matter in a clump situation.

Shockwave forces defensive formation down, in which case you can’t immediately reapply it because of some on-going bug from over a year ago.


Yea, I’ve totally forgot about the game by now, found link in my bookmarks so checked in. Nothing changed really xD One day perhaps a private server will fix what they promised, and at least won’t lie and ignore people in corpo style.

Check out Conan Exiles, for some reason I’ve missed that game somehow and it has all including RP/PVP servers 0.o

“Everyone wants to build something new; no one wants to maintain.” – Kurt Vonnegut, I think, maybe, also paraphrasing.

I agree, I think blocking is quite underwhelming atm. 1 maelstrom and you’re stunned from stam broke. You’re seeing more and more wars move away from heavy sns on point, in favor of heavy VG/IG in NA or heavy BB in EU. The utility from Heavy VG/IG far outweighs the ability/damage tanking from heavy SnS block. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to separate dodge stam from block stam, but buffing tower shields could definitely be an easier solution.


I just got directed here from Reddit and 8 months later AGS needs to listen to this guy.


The sad part is AGS usually don’t listen, when they do they usually take what THEY want from the idea and twist it so much, adding their flawed perespective to the point that original idea isn’t recognizeable anymore.

But hey, if they wanna save the game or have any sense of logic left in them, they will listen to this thread. Halcyon just did their job for them.

Every so often I come back to this thread, read it, shed a tear, and then go outside and stare at the sky for the rest of the day.



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