Our WHOLE SERVER is DYING, we are not MERGED. Explaining post

So, lets start from scratch:

Our server LAMIAN belongs to the world set Vanaheim Lambda, containing a total of 7 worlds: Pulotu, Kor, Kvenland, Frisland, Bengodi, Larissa and LAMIAN. As you can see in the next screnshot from the first official post about server merges, LAMIAN is missing, a total of 6 days have passed since, we did not receive a single answer or clarification about this particular and weird situation

As the Devs posted:

  • Pulotu will be merging into Kor for Vanaheim Lambda.
  • Kvenland, Frisland and Larissa will be merging into Bengodi for Vanaheim Lambda.

We, as a WHOLE server, we would like to know what is going to happen to us, since we CAN NOT wait 2 or 3 weeks for a merge, since our server is DYING. Our map is perfectly balanced as you can see here; so, in our minds, this situation does not make any sense.

Now, let`s check the numbers one day POST-MERGE for the 3 world remaining in our World Set: Kor, Bengodi, and us, LAMIAN.

WOW, 134 players! Thats insulting for us. We have some importants things to consider here: we were left behind by error (?), we were left behind because our map was perfectly balanced (?)…we dont really know what to think about this situation. Even if we get merged in 2 weeks we are already BEHIND the competition from the recently merged servers. This is unaceptable, specially since we did not receive a single answer or clarification. We need a response ASAP @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW so our server wont die in the next few weeks. We dont have any motivation about playing on a DYING server. Economy is dead, players are leaving, we need to wait for DAYS to have some Tier V tables on the main cities…this does not feel like a MMO. Actually, there is PLENTY of space for us in any of those recently merged servers, Kor and Bengodi. So, please, if you dont want the playerbase falling into the grown, do something for us. We have been here since day 1…


Go read about merge. They made progressive merge to avoid problems. Im on Morrow and we will get a second merge as other server will

It is all explain in official post.


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I know, I check the forums everyday. We dont care about a second merge TWO or THREE weeks from now if we are already behind the competition. Its more about having 0 answers from the devs, since they officially announced the FULL MERGE LIST before the bug situation. Its all about time…

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Until early 2022 Lamian will not merge with any world.

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UP!!! No es viable este juego con tan poca población!!!

Do you pretend that we spend the holidays in a dead server?


Yeah, another “do it or else” post. Did you receive a free transfer token a few weeks ago? Oh, you did? Well, why are you on a dead server? Hmmm. Make a threat post in the forums.

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When our merge happened our server was pretty balanced too… Now its all yellow. Thems the breaks man

If you are the type of person to abandon your guild just for your own benefit let me know. Since a lot of people came from others servers when they gave us the transfer tokens, so we are not leaving ANYONE behind. Im not talking about myself, Im talking in the name of a WHOLE server.

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Si atienden los problemas de los reinos españoles como atienden al idioma en su foro oficial… Bah.

El juego es un MMO y como tal, necesita comunidad. Es absurdo sin población. Si no pueden fusionar por un bug que prevean la fusión, la anuncien y la implementen cuando solucionan la chapuza.

Yeah! Tell that to 150 players, do you want the game to suceed or not? I dont understand these type on answers. You probably got merged right? So please, if you dont have anything to contribuyte here leave. Cheers

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Another useless comment, we are looking for dev response,

I’m on Lamian too and it sucks.
I’m waiting for the Devs to give some notice about the next merges, hopefully in a few days :heart:

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So you‘re the spokesman for about 350 persons and every single one told you to threaten to quit?!
I highly doubt that! :wink::v:t3:

Bro, go play the game instead of wasting your time on the forums writing non-sense. Im not the spokesman, I just care about my server and the people I play with. Your server got merged too right? Yeah, of course. 350 is Prime time on a SUNDAY, average is 200-250, which is pretty much a dead server

I’m confuzzled.


I don’t understand the logic of people on a low pop server threatening to quit. It doesn’t effect anyone, but people on that server.

Demanding the team give you answers ASAP and giving them an ultimatum is not constructive.

Everyone from the OPs server should post here that the OP speaks for them and they have no voice on their own. It’s good to have a spokesperson.

It‘s not what you say, but how you say it…
So threatening anyone with your childish anger won‘t do nothing…. but go ahead… you do you… of course all for YOUR WHOLE SERVER :joy::v:t3: