Our WHOLE SERVER is DYING, we are not MERGED. Explaining post

Its easy talking from your recently merged server right? I see. As you can notice english is not my language, tried my best to sound constructive demanding a solution for us, since I want the game to succeed, which I highly doubt you want reading what you said. I wont argue more, since this discussion doesnt make any sense, this is not affecting you or your server, so please move on.

“It doesn’t effect anyone, but people on that server”…Bla, bla, bla. Thats pure SELFISHNESS, as I said to the other guy, must be comfy talking and playing on a recently merged server right?

Move on, thank you

Let’s see it. Today, nobody log onto the server…at all. Let’s see if you actually can speak for the entire server. Otherwise it’s all fluffy snowballs.

Move on, thank you!

English is not my native language ether - that’s why I tell you this threats are ridiculous.
I was on a dead server for myself till today so I know this sucks but your attempt to get your goal faster is probably not the right way…

On the forum are multiple official threads what are the reasons for not merging some servers… go and read them and than come back…

I’ll help you find the right statement:


Nah, i’m good, thanks for offering.
Just to point out, this is yet another post in the “satisfy me or we will all quit” series.

The tone and threats, while speaking on behalf of no one but claiming to speak on behalf of everyone can hardly be taken seriously so i can only assume it’s a troll post?

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hypocrites will be hypocrites.

Title corrected. Didnt want to sound like a trheat, obviously. Non-native english speaker. Relax boys, dont be so salty about other people issues, specialy when its not affecting you in ANY posible way. Every single person on the game was waiting for the merges, so imagine what we were thinking the last 7 days, with our server Lamian OUT of the official lists, just one server from the whole world set. Its frustrating. Im not the official “spokesman”, Im just writing here what everyone in my server wish, whichs is a merge, like the 99% of servers got. We just want to have some comunication from the devs regarding why our server was not chosen in the first official list, before they announced the second merge option some days later- Just give us a date, anything will help. I just dont want Lamian to die at all, thats why Im writing this with a little bit of frustration inside. Cheers


Yeah, i see where the frustration comes from but the post looks much easier on the eyes now, that the anger is gone.
I hope you get merged soon.


Appreciate it. Just imagine playing for months on a dead server, wishing for the merges, and when it finally happens, your server is out of the list for no reason. Thats how we are feeling right now.

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It was all about the anger which wouldn’t have helped in any way… I totally understand your frustration, was in the same boat and I hope your server get’s merged soon… so try to stay positive and encourage your team mates in your server to support this forum thread to get more attention and hope for the best… with this in mind… merry Christmas :christmas_tree::wink:


same here. was on a balanced server. now it is only green and yellow with very little purple presence at all

UP! @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW

We had less before merge. Ya just gotta wait

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The problem is, thats retarded.

Just like how quite literally everything they have announced as working is broken, merges should have been no surprise.

I guess everyone is just hoping AGS can do quite literally one thing without fucking up?

Instead of actually doing merges correctly (LOL we knew that wasn’t gonna happen) now we will do merges a bunch of times, wiping a bunch of maps in the process, FUN WOW. Retardation reaching critical mass (not you ags)


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It’s not about a bug. They want to do this carefully. But for sake of argument, let’s say you’re right. Fixing bugs in this game often produces new ones.

Day One is always rough in MMO launches.

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If Settlements were completely separated from all player influence whatsoever, this sort of issue (and many others) wouldn’t even happen. Dead servers can just get merged immediately until a server’s population is acceptable.

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Same in Celadon (US West). Used to be a top 5 server, now the bottom server from the list.

Early 2022 is a bit too vague too for it to be addressed soon.

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