Our WHOLE SERVER is DYING, we are not MERGED. Explaining post

Hey everyone.

Im another Lamian Server player. We don’t ask about inminent merge or something, we ask for some response or some explain about the plans of future in Lamian.

Yes, we have a compensated server (Yellow, green and purple territory distribution) but this is for the green faction just “gift” territorys…the reality on this server is that the greens dominated from the first week practically or so I remember (No ofense for any Lamian player plx)

We are bored. We know all the players on the server, its impossible dont do it.

Someone says something about the “transfer token” some players use them to enter in Lamian for friends or something in the early of the server. Should we abandon them? I don’t want it. Maybe Amazon give all lamian players a free token to transfer where we want? Welcome. But we need something. We are the most dead server in EU now, we need something. I have 900h in this game and i only play Lamian server, i dont want a dev working only for my server, just a response and a little atention. Is easy to understand and is easy talk about another server with u server merged.

Love u all


Hello ^^

Another folk from Lamian,

Long Explanation:

It is not specifically about “we gonna quit!” but rather we would like to have a non-automated respone from amazon that doesn’t really specify why OUR server wasn’t included on a merge that includes all the rest of the servers on our world set. And yes, i am aware of all the FAQ’s, and the issue they mentioned with the houses, and etc etc, but that still doesn’t explain why others got selected while ours didn’t.

We are not a super big server, we do have some nice pvp community but i think most of those would really like to move onto a more active world, the transfer token isn’t a nice option since it leaves many people behind that transfered from another server to ours when the tokens were enabled. So unless you only look for yourself, this option isn’t suitable.

I do know that amazon is doing some stuff that isn’t the best in what it comes to merges, but i would perfer to be in a server with 1000 people than in one with at max 250-300.

Apart from that, not merging us till 2022, does mean that we aren’t gonna be able to enjoy a nicer gameplay for over a month at least, and also to take into the account we lost the “train of merges” on our world set, meaning that instead of a merge of multiple servers (each having their players, clans, etc) we gonna have an absorption of a way bigger server meaning most of our community “isn’t gonna matter that much to them”.

That’s why i am kinda lost of why our server was the only one…


AGS could you give us an explanation of why we were the ONLY server on our world set that didn’t merged? what were the decisions behind saying: Lamian stays that way for a while. (No FAQ’s, no House Stuff please)

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Hello! Another “player” from lamian here :grinning:, maybe one by one all 350 will post here.
Lamian is now lamiancraft, a boring server , its really difficult to see a player outside a city so, i just want to say: please, merge us.

Y ahora me expreso en mi lengua natal, espero que tengan traductores:
Lamian es UNA P. MIERDA. Se que podria decirlo mas claro, o mas alto pero no quiero pasarme, los incompetentes de amazon seguramente borraron de su mierda excel de servidores a lamian porque sinó, no se puede entender que un servidor con 150 personas , a las cuales ya casi conozco a todas como si fueran mis hermanos, se quede fuera de la fusión.



348 / 5.000

Resultados de traducción

Hi all Here another person who comes from the Lamian server, as my compatriots from the server have said, we would like to know why the only server that has not had the server merge is ours, why this discrimination. We do not ask much I think, only that they contact us and tell us why and what they plan to do about it.



I think that AGS considers this to be acceptable.

Why do I say this?
Because they merged my server, and now we have around that number of players. They didn’t do what they said they were going to do… (merge the whole World Set)… They just merged two halves of the world set together, leaving 2 servers instead of 1… We were VERY surprised when we played the game after the merge.

They promised… Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Kibu, Geatland and Erythia will be merging into Alakapuri for Pangaia Theta…
Instead, they merged… Zara, Hsuan, and Kibu were merged into Barzakh. Geatland and Erythia were merged into Alakapuri.

We now have 2 servers that are low pop. If they had merged our world set like they said they were going to, we would have had 1 below average server…

This is all the reply we got from them…
LuxendraCommunity Manager
Sorry for the miscommunication! It looks like at this time, Zara, Hsuan, and Kibu were merged into Barzakh. Geatland and Erythia were merged into Alakapuri.
I completely hear your concern and frustration. As this is the first step in a multi-merge process, the working plan is to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022. The team will monitor data and feedback from these worlds and will adjust their plan as necessary.
You can find more information about our merge decisions here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

We have been waiting for nearly 2 months already, seeing our server die… They will reassess next year and probably do nothing…



Hang in there. Once it happens, it’s GREAT (speaking from experience). Take a break if you need to, or enjoy farming mats with little competition.

There are other things to do in life, y’know? New World is not exactly the best thing you could be doing over Christmas or New Year.

GG Amazon, ty forgetting our dead server.

what the hell, 300+ peak is totally playable …

It’s definitely a different game than playing on a 1500 server.
It is hard to find people to do most things usually.

The dying Servers is the Problem because only 2000 ppl can be on a server. So we have a server inflation and also we have a player deflation atm so even merges wont prevent servers Form dying 1 month after the merge. Ppl who Start a new char will always take a look on the server Population Page. So dying servers will die more and more.

don‘t tell it me… this is not my server… it‘s the server of the OP :v:t3: :wink:

We need Lamian to be merged RIGHT NOW. Since Amazon didn’t merge Lamian, more and more guilds are leaving the server, which makes things even worse. However, some people cannot leave, since we have friends here and they already used their token to come to Lamian. We urgently need a solution for this server!!

Necesitamos una Fusión pronto , es injusto que a nuestro servidor se les deje de lado , hemos pagado por el juego igual que todos los demás , merecemos que como minimo nos cuiden igual que al resto de server

Please! Merge us! The servet is almost empty!

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