Out Post Rush Queues

Hello all adventures! I’m making this forum post in order to raise awareness for something that is killing this game; the queues for Out Post Rush.
One thing that makes this game really fun is the pvp. unfortunately there is a lack of it when running around the open world so some of the only way to fill that niche is to do out post rush or wars.
As for getting into an Out Post Rush game that all depends on your server and time of day. If its before 3pm OR after 11pm you’re probably going to find minimum queues if any at all.
so not only is It a real problem finding pvp in the open world. now as a player I can barely do Out Post Rush because of queues being instant for ONLY A COUPLE hours of the day and then 30+ minute queues the rest of the day. As for wars, they’re super laggy so i wont even talk on that pvp experience.
A solution to help us PVP thirsty players fill this niche for the time being is too make out post rush queue players from all servers in the region. This way there should always be a chance to get into a game instead of sitting in queue with 14 people on your server until everyone gets off work or wakes up.
I know future pvp content is coming in time- so i’ve heard- but not being able to play Out Post Rush during the day on my weekend is really annoying. Players if you feel the same way help raise awareness to this

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