Outopost Rush fails to load and throws me back into Server-Queue

OMFG, what is this bullshit. lol
I was already online for an hour, queued up for Outpost Rush.
Got that black screen when Outpost Rush fails to load you in and then throws you back to game menu.
Now back in menu I had to press “play” and I got thrown into the Server-Queue.
clap clap clap clap

They really need to make a safe-check if people were already on and just got disconnected from the server.
This is their fxxx up and doesnt seem fair to end up in a server-queue because of that. This means again 1-2 hours menu simulator.

Time to finish Dexter Season 9 Episode 1

Pretty sure this on the end of your PC and not AGS, I myself have never had this issue and no one else either.

Please send us your specs, maybe one of us can identify the bottleneck.

Commodore 64

Grafik VIC II (320 × 200, 16 Farben, Sprites)

Comments like this are counter productive, if you’re having PC issues might I recommend an upgrade?

I am running Windows NT 4.0 should I update to Service Pack 4 then?

I saw a Moderator try to type something in but he probably read your troll responses and backed out, next time stop trolling people and give us an actual issue we can help with.

So is that a no on the update to SP4?
I always thought 64KB RAM would be enough.

p:S:. speaking of trolling. Who started with that?

WoooaaaaW! Hold your horses buddy! That is not something one should make jokes about. Until now I thought this is just a friendly back and forth.
So I assume you are rather mean spirited and toxic, wishing someone that his series gets spoiled is nothing a man should joke about. Like seriously. Think Bossie, Think!

You’re the one trolling the forums bud, I was trying to help you.

You’re joking but you’re not funny. Please stop it.

Anyway here to release the tension:

I went to the doctors recently

He said: “Don’t eat anything fatty”

I said: “What, like bacon and burgers?”

He said, “No. fatty don’t eat anything.”

You stated a weird bug that no one has and I tried to troubleshoot by asking your PC specs, whose the real troll here bud?

I’m just trying to help.

No you’re not.

Dude at some point you just gonna have to accept that you are not that good at trolling and cant beat the finese art of sarcasm.

Take the F and move on.

I’ll ask you again, send your PC specs. I’m sure we can try to figure this out, because you seem to be the only one experiencing this bug.

No my cat Garfield just told me she is also experiencing it. So you are wrong.

Lol, you met the Boosie troll.

I do find him quite amusing though.

At some point I thought he is really that weird and thinks it has anything to do with my specs. :wink:
My cat had a bad feeling about him though from the start.

Also since I already told him my specs and he didnt help in any way I doubt he even knows what a PC is and how it works.

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