Outpost issue NEEDS a fix

Outpost Rush is quickly becoming the main daily time sink for PVPers after the merge… but what I see over and over again makes no sense…


18 (my team) vs 13 was start
I hold off from fighting and watch for enemies coming in
19 vs 14
20 vs 16 was how it ended

So people were joining one at a time but instead of being placed into the team that had 5 less people until it was even or close to even they added one to each side

its almost like its considering a group of 5 1 person for how they queue in until its maxed… This should be obviously going to the lower team until its balanced … one team has one or two more people isnt a big deal but 20 to 16 means the other team gets rolled 95% of the time and unbalanced OPR matches are very boring

THERE IS NO MMR SYSTEM - we get that… could you just like make your system learn to count please. On that note I do appreciate all the work you guys are doing despite the several cough movement bug cough bugs that have yet to be fixed cough chat after OPR cough item previews Nah but for real you guys have great ideas and def appreciate the new content n such just plz doing something to reset walk animation would by itself make war so much more enjoyable… and balancing OPR just by numbers alone would make for far better matches. thanks

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