Outpost, no reward, please help

Hello, not sure where to post this for help

I really like outpost, especially because of reward.

Ran it 5 times just to verify, and participated from beginning to end.

I am not getting ANY reward all of a sudden.

any resolve? That is why I currently play the game.

Thank you

Hello @Megid! I hope you are well today.

We have seen this inconvenient on several players as well. Our developer team notified to us that they are aware about this issue.

I would like to move this thread to ‘’ Bugs and Exploits ‘’ then , our Dev team will keep an eye on it as new report on this ongoing issue.

Thanks for your patience. Happy Holidays. :sparkler: :tada:

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Most of the time you have to score over 1000 points to get a reward, I did not get rewards when the other players were spawning camping the starting base with 950 points.

The setup is just bad .

even after playing for so many hours i am not sure how many points i need to have for rewards .

also for healers and tanks its really hard to get points .

we need more ways to earn points in OPR in general .

and something needs to be done for balance its almost always a complete stomp one way or
the other .

Maybe make it a multi stage thing , where you cant just rush in take over everything and then spawn camp , make two sides attackers and defenders . and attackers have to push
1 point at the time , with a barrier preventing them going past an outpost until they do .
With the defender area getting smaller for each outpost they lose? making it harder for
attackers and giving a better chance for defenders .

i mean this would need for a full opr map rework but its better then what we have no .
just a stomp and no one having fun past 10 minutes .


I ran over 20 outpost run with my friends trying to get the god damnit gypsum, and 3/4 of the time I don’t get any fucking rewards. “you must participate to get reward”.

I’m a fucking tank, right in front of every fucking fight, stuning everyone so my dps can get kill. I stand on the point so we get points… and at the end… THEY SAY I DID NOTHING… 75% OF THE TIME.

Jesus… seriously, this game can be so fucking great but everything has to be so fucking bugged and this dev team take months to resolve every fucking frustating bugs.

I’m dying!

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