Outpost Rush already deteriorated into an exploit showcase shitshow. GZ

Outpost Rush is already, within just one day, just a playground for Hatchet infinite damage stacking 2k+ per hit and Staff Machinegunner exploiters.
How is that fun?
Why are exploiters NOT PUNISHED?
Why are gold-dupers still able to access their accounts?
Why are reported bots still botting as we speak?
Why are invincibility exploiting companies still active and controlling territory?

You are just punishing people who don’t exploit.
This will either result in a toxic community, forever discussing if the most obvious exploit is an exploit at all since AGS does not seem to want to take a clear stance either way, or in them just also using any exploit they can use because if there’s no punishment anyway, you effectively punish yourself by not exploiting…


And noone cares? This is making every Outpost Rush a pure advertisement of how bad the state of the game is and noone cares?!
But hey, we can just all play Hatchet without swapping weapons I suppose and it’s a level playing field again.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to fix exploits instead of just banning players. We just need to wait it out, because obviously AGS is not going to ban half of its playerbase.

The exploiters are NOT half of the playerbase. But they will be soon. Because everyone else will either have left out of frustration or started exploiting everything they can themselves because they realized they only punish themselves if they don’t start exploiting at every opportunity.

Sadly, I think we’re almost at that breakpoint of the masses realizing this, if not already beyond, since even streamers openly exploit to their heart’s desire (providing video evidence themselves…) without any form of repercussions…

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