Outpost Rush build diversity

Gotta love the build diversity in this game right now.

Full void bent with hammer stupid stuns that chain forever and GA left clicks that reaches more than 2 dodges, lets go at this point i am not even blaming people afk`ing.

Full build dexterity is at the shitteist moment in this game history where crits do less than normals and pure DMG glass cannos 420-430 Dexterity chars in light armor hit for 600-700 dmg on targets with 12-15k hp.


The irony here is that you have it all backwards. With the resilient fixes, I’m seeing nothing BUT full dex builds and mages in light armor now. And if you think the melee is still meta, try it out for yourself. The thing people don’t really understand is that light armor has much more survivability than heavy. It’s actually not even close. This was true even before the resilient and onyx fix. Heavy is just something you force yourself to put on because of forced positioning of your archetype.

On my server, we have like 2-3 dex users and everyone else is greataxe/hammer. Yesterday, I was chased by 7-10 each game with their goddam autoaim.

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i don’t know what are you on but GA/HA is still meta in full heavy armor and DPS classes still hit in those targets 700-1100 DMG while they sit on 12-15k hp and healers heal for 6-8k every 3-4 seconds with a area heal that does 800 a second

Come to Diranda. All ranged dps in Outpost Rush after the patch. And let’s be clear, mages are the meta.

Is this topic scarcasm? Range is Meta atm.
Melees, except Greataxe, are freekills for Mage/Bow. It’s a nightmare.
Ice mages snack everything.
Rangers hit for 4K from safe range to heavy armor.
Skilled Mages/Rangers win every duel.
As Melee, excet Greataxe, you win against bad players only.

It’s weird. A mage is way more tanky than a tank. You can move away 10+ meters, stop your enemy with a wall, stuck him for 4 seconds and finish him off.

As melee you can raise your shield and wait until your are dead or run away. You cannot catch up, not even able to land a single hit.

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