Outpost Rush "Contribute to the Battle to Earn Rewards"

There are several things wrong with Outpost Rush. The one I’m coming to the forums for that’s impacted me the most is the “Contribute to the Battle to Earn Rewards”. I sit in a queue and wait to get my Outpost Rush, the queue pops, “lets goooo!” I think to myself. Loading screen finishes and I appear on the map. The score reads 300 to 10 and my team is 3 capped. Oh no, another OPR that I have to waste time in. I scramble to the battle to try to earn enough contribution to make it worth my time. I secure 2 kills in 3 minutes even though my team is getting steam rolled. I’m 4th place on my team now even though I joined late. The match finishes after me being in for 5 minutes or less. “Contribute to the Battle to Earn Rewards pops up”. Now I’m frustrated. I spent 15 minutes in queue and another 5 minutes in this battle ground to earn nothing. This needs to get reworked. I understand the intent behind it. You don’t want griefers, botters, and AFKers to join OPR and reap the rewards.

I don’t have many suggestions on how to fix that issue. I do however suggest that you don’t place people into games that have already started. Do things like league of legends, if someone leaves the team you just have to try to do your best without them. Don’t put players in a losing battleground that has already started. You already face an hour penalty if you leave and that’s good I think. But me spending 20-30 minutes on one OPR to only get the message that I didn’t do enough is the most tilting thing I’ve ever encountered. Do something else, please.

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