Outpost Rush Design Flaws

This is not a post about weapon balance, purely about the core design.

Currently Outpost Rush isn’t in any shape or form a PvP platform.
Why? Cause all you have is zergs that are similiar to openworld zergs.

So what will make Outpost Rush interesting and create space for proper pvp?

A) 15 Minute Games.
B) Add two additional capture points. (THIS WILL FORCE small scale pvp and activate player intelligence through strategy, and personal skill progression.)
C) Reduce the health of the Demonic Brute by 50%, but make the AI more hardhitting.
D) By doing this, watch all the complaints about nerf this and nerf that tone down. Engage good pvp, get to know your fellow server members, and prepare for what i a hope a PREMADE Ranked mode one day for this.

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