Outpost Rush - Enemy Camping Player Spawn

I have no idea why you allow this in a pvp mode. Got camped today at the spawn point couldn’t do anything just died over and over again and lost 43 to 1000 because the enemy can spawn camp?

Please remove this asap, DO NOT allow enemies to go inside the base of the opposing team without a massive debuff that kills them within seconds.

This is one way to destroy a very fun game mode.


Yea, I was surprised this was possible. I got into a game where they were already getting farmed. Only one spawn point, only one way out. They definitely need to change that ASAP. It should be impossible to enter the starting areas for the enemy team + there should be multiple paths out.

If we could see our entire team on the map it would also be easier to actually group up on less coordinated teams.

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It’s like nobody at Amazon actually played a PVP game before.


It’s pretty fucking dumb game design…


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