Outpost Rush & Expeditions; let’s make the game better

I like the idea of OPR & expeditions (hopefully, you’ll release some new BGs and expeditions soon), however - I know there is a lot of problems since the games launch, but one thing that’s making people bored is not being able to find groups and grind the PvP/PvE aspects of the game with quicker repetition. The ‘World Sets’ your world is in should also be open for OPR & Expedition Finder: so there should constantly be games and action. Then if the World Set merges, the same concept should apply with the server US East/West etc… We need tools in-game to find groups, select roles, and then go into the PvP/PvE quickly. That’s all. I know there is a lot going on right now, but the game is also on a timer I feel. Need to keep the player base entertained as much as possible rather than waiting for 2+++ hours for a OPR match.

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