Outpost Rush Feedback---

Quick and dirty some OR Feedback:

First off: overall this feels like a very good experience. The gamemode severely punishes bad decisions, which is how it should be.


  1. Summons:
    Brutes are not benefiting towards a good experience overall. High HP, spams CC, unkillable by an inherently disorganized zerg that this game-mode attracts. It resets quite randomly as well. Having a brute on my side or on the other side has disrupted PVP experiences that otherwise would have been great for all sides.
    Getting a brute spawned takes in the current state of the game 1-2 people and 5 minutes. The benefit is far to large and disruptive.

Options I see are

  • giving the Brute a 5 minute timer, so it is used strategically

  • seriously tweak it towards a less disruptive experience

  • just remove this aspect from the game :smiley:

  • give it a different role, like attacking doors or walls of a keep that needs to be taken

  1. Starting zone:
    You should allow the spawning side to get up on the walls to punish enemies that push up all the way to the other team’s spawn. How it is right now the weaker team gets punished by the choke point their gate is.

  2. Baroness:
    Works for me overall.

  3. Suggestion: It feels wrong that the 5 player PVP kill mission does not work here. I understand why this may not be, but it would be good to have some sort of faction tokens dropping. This is PVP after all.

BUG: I like that Ammo is unlimited in this game mode; this is a good idea. Then it should not use arrows though.

Thanks for reading.

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