Outpost Rush full with afkers!

Hello AGS,

Please implement an afk system in Outpost rush!

It’s pretty simple to just afk and get something - even if you lose you get something…ruining the game for the other players.

I’ve reported countless times 2 ppl which queued almost all day!..Nice to lose every one of those, because, what do you know, others followed the same behavior.

I get the frustration, but I feel trying to force people to play will either have the opposite effect or unintended consequences.

If it’s a small server, you may not get a match at all.

And I could easily see people being spiteful and hiding/crawling in the brush instead of afking in base.

Nobody is forcing them to play Outpost Rush and afk the entire duration of the match. Either you contribute with something or just don’t queue. It’s that simple.

I’ve had also matches which I had to step away from PC for longer than 5 minutes. I took the 1 hour off Outpost rush, just because I didn’t want for the team to lose a player and just get another one waiting in queue.

Clearly all afkers are exploiting a non-existant system : go into Outpost and just afk, you get something for doing nothing.

Again… I get it.

But you’re going to get people to figure out loopholes out of spite.

Removing loss rewards is an option but then you open up two additional routes

  1. Win trading becomes a thing
  2. People just don’t bother because a potential 20-30 minute match for little to nothing isn’t worth it and the game mode dies because only the sweatiest players queue in servers with not enough sweaty players.

This is what happens when you tie the best method of making raw gold into a PvP game mode. Expect people to cheese it in any way possible. No one wants to run into constant heavy + GA combos and get slaughtered with next to no way to counter it unless you also go that build.

Gotta expect people to be there just for the rewards.

Think the other side to the issue is the total broken mess the balance is.

Did my first outpost rush today and safe to say I probably won’t be doing it again.

Enemy team was 70% lifestaff, hammer and heavy armour. After about 10mins they were spawn camping our team.

As you can guess the majority of our team then when afk till end of match after that.

There needs to be more balance on builds and teams before you can start reducing rewards for losses.

Everyone was expecting it, right?


And if Outpost Rush gonna be the best and easier source of money, many players will join just to make gold, and you gonna see many players AFK or not caring about the objective because they are there just to farm gold.

Lessons from history could stop us from making the same old mistakes

The hard part is balance in a way to not make the queues take forever and not make it too rewardable to the point people will queue just for the rewards.

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