Outpost Rush - Further Delay Inexcusable

People where asking for info on a Sunday again they patch Tuesdays so expect any fix if it comes on Tuesday after patch.

This is the problem with AGS and New World. They need to start hot patching important fixes and exploits and not keep leaving them till the following Wednesday to implement. Exploits have been rife and the economies on most of the big servers are now beyond recovery because they leave everything till one day a week to patch.

They also need to up their game on banning exploiters because so far its rampant and giving people 24 hour bans deter nothing. Servers like Hades now have daily gold spammers in chat and they are there for the entire day with nothing done to stop them.

Get your house in order Amazon because currently your service in comparison to other main stream MMO’s is severely lacking!

They patch Wednesday, not Tuesday, at least for the majority of the world. In Australia they patch… Thursday? lmfao

Hey all, I completely understand your frustration and disappointing regarding disabling this mode. Outpost Rush is super fun and now that more people are reaching level 60, it’s definitely easier to join one of the matches.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of issues that were discovered after we re-enabled it that severely impacted people’s ability to have a smooth experience during and after playing Outpost Rush and the team decided that the best approach was to disable it for the time being while they worked out the bugs.

We were really excited for this to be released last weekend and we’re disappointed that we had to disable it. The team’s working super hard to knock these bugs out and re-enable Outpost Rush as soon as possible. It remains one of the team’s top priorities to fix!


Thanks for the communication regarding this issue…any chance we might see an update on this week’s maintenance window? :pray:

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I know the team is working really hard to make that a reality but game development is fluid and sometimes, something they think will fix it may not work properly like we saw last week.


Please get outpost rush and server transfer now. How many people are working on this? Sounds like you need more help. :frowning:


Can you name a few issues other than the single “dead and unable to respawn after leaving outpost rush” bug that QA missed and resulted in the shutdown 15 days ago?


Thanks for responding. I know that AGS employees get the worst rep on here.

I think we’re all just frustrated without this mode being in game. I guess we’ll continue to wait

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If its good enough for streamers its good enough for me.

It was enabled for streamer events and no one got stuck.

100% the real issue is you’re contemplating how to remove the gold gain without destroying it like fishing.


The bugs I experienced in outpost rush were fixed after a game restart. I would rather deal with a few bugs than NOT PLAY AT ALL and become more jaded with the level 60 experience.


This is my BIGGEST fear, hope the PvP in the game doesn’t die like it was in Warframe… Eventually even Devs started to ignore PvP instead of improving it.


you are too late to fix this mode sorry for that but that is real, ok your game maybe success after months but you lost many players for this approach specially when you enable it before some days and disable it again, our discord was 30 to 50 player in a room before week now only 3 players play this game.

more people doesnt make coding faster. if anything it makes it worse and can lead to more bugs. theres a balance between having as few very specialized individuals working on specific scripts as possible while also not overworking a small team.

coding is a language, but its not a language you can pick up and just read, even as an expert in the material. people forget their own code after going on break for a week, bringing in new people to look at someone elses code or having rotating shifts of people working on the same scripts leads to lots of redundancy and wasted effort and at worst can cause bugs, redundancy, and fragmentation of code.

not to mention this game is built on Lumberyard/O3DE. while the engine has lots of potential, its UI is not exactly the best and the dev tools in the live build are not currently super fleshed out. so what could be a simple bug fix can lead to cascading errors.

bug fixing is hard. bug fixing a large scale game with networking and client/server authority differences is much much much harder.

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youre really just coming in here and saying anything that comes to mind with zero legitimate knowledge on the subject. amazing.

bro the game still has over 300k active players daily. every new game has a large drop in players after release month, especially MMOs.

we do need some server merging soon though, most US East servers are less than 500 players.

Lack of Outpost Rush will be the downfall of this game. PvP tends to be the most repeatable content and without that, people are spending time grinding the little content that actually works, like invasions and ‘elite farming’ and the occasional war (which accounts for a tiny percentage of gaming time). Without distractions people will get burned out on that content and discontentment and disillusionment with the game will grow. They really did cock up this launch and it is only the lack of competition in (recently launched) MMOs that has kept people playing as long as they have.


Best post I’ve read since this game launched. This guy knows what’s up.

No dude lmao

Say there is a completely gamebreaking bug that happens 1/1000 times outpost rush is played. The chance of this happening on a streamer match is very small. But when it happens, its catastrophic for the players involved and perhaps everyone else. Would that be good enough? Hell no.

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You’re not mentioning that you will make it available again tomorrow. I hope that it’s not the case and the mode will be playable very soon. I’ve been bored for a week now waiting for the mode. All my friends have reached level 60 and are starting to get bored as well. If they leave then it would be a shame.