Outpost Rush Group Size

Can we please have OPR reduced to 15v15?

The current group size is too large and primarily encourages mindlessly standing on CPs spamming AOEs on a map that was otherwise designed to spread players out a good bit. Obviously a smaller group size would necessitate additional changes, but that’s also a good chance to revisit some of the other lackluster bits of OPR.

Some changes I would love to see:

  1. Reduce group size to 15v15
  2. Reduce baron health by 50%
  3. Reduce brute health by 50%
  4. Reduce amount of time required to capture control point by 50%
  5. Reduce amount of time required to gather resources by 50%
  6. Reduce the resource cost of all building upgrades and turrets by 50%

The current iteration where standing on points for 10m spamming AOEs while waiting for the brutes to do most of the work is absolute trash. OPR should be about empowering players to utilize all the tools on the map and feel like they are contributing on an individual level.

The suggestions I have are about improving the impact individual players have on the outcome by ensuring that faster rotations are impactful, and that players are more important than NPCs. As an additional benefit, the group size reduction would reduce OPR queue times and ensure that OPR matches are available more often.

They don’t want you to do it more silly-Billy (not an attack). You forgot to add 50% reduction in rewards. If the game is going to be spammed a lot faster and the other things done in half the time, there needs to be half the rewards.
Then, I agree with everything you said.

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