Outpost Rush is not fun at all

I havent played much opr since brimestone came out. Maybe 4 matches. It is terrible. It is literally just bows, muskets and ranged magic attacks. It just sucks. It is not fun.

So dont do it. I’m not going to lol.

I just want to join with a forum post requesting -not nerfs- A different map. That forces individuals to get in close range. Not everyone. We want to be fair to all builds. But maybe One of the points is out in the open like it is, the other are more close quartered, with a way to get to the objective without just being pelted from across the map with arrows, bullets and fire balls. It’s been a year with the same map. Its old. Its stale. Change it up. It cannot possibly be that difficult to introduce a new map, with a new objective. That doesnt favor ranged builds.

That is all. Let the git gud’s and get a healer ensue.


I think most people agree the map design is poor, and too catered to range. Especially when going from spawn to any point, there should be more cover.


When I play melee its heavy sword and shield so I dont have any issues with the open ground. What needs to be done is remove mortal empowerment or heavily nerf it.


It’s actually a little asymetrical in that regard. Moon’s approach to sun offers quite a bit of cover if you opt to take the left flank (although slower). From star (well, from the spawn area) to Sun is open season for any ranged. I used to frequently see the stat padder muskets camping that stretch just picking off the weaker players.

Anyway, this isn’t the only issue I don’t think. Even if ranged/melee/mages/healers are balanced, there are a lot of stacking issues in PVP and it leads to a bloated meta that basically you have to be BIS in to fully compete. Even if they fix that, you still need some form of match making to make the mode as fun as it can be. On the rare, rare occasions when I played it and sides were nicely balanced (in all regards), it’s the most fun I think I had in the game. Rarer than a golden steel chest schematic tho.


The biggest issue really is Mortal Empowerment perk. Without ME, Bows and muskets could pick weak links in OPR all day as long as a similar geared can get close with them w/o being melted right away.
Right now, if a musket or bow stacks max ME, is just a very low chance you can kill them unless you can spot them unnoticed and stunlock them.
I think they really need to look into ME. Reduce the stacking damage to 1% per kill and max 10%.

@Luxendra Sorry for tagging but please take a look at this perk


OPR is so a Bad Mode and in my Opinion u can’t do it better it’s over… they tryed it with thousands of patches
we need new PvP modes smallgate for 5v5 or so a new
OPR map it’s a bad idea and don’t solve all problems because big PvP or big player things in general don’t works good in NW also Elite Runs or War’s are in the same state

Small PvP with many different modes with cool new maps and Crossing Server and we good

I usually just run simple heavy, for now, not much resilient. Range doesnt hurt much. Spear and hatchet sucks more than range bow, musket, or even mage. IG sucks a bit maybe.

The main problem i see with OPR is simply just the balance of it. You either win by a lot, or lose by alot. 1,000 to 123 is not fun. Win or lose its not fun.

Very few times it is evenly matched. Win or lose during a good even match is fun.

PvP needs good matched games. Future cross server queue for OPR and PvP should help a little.


Bigest problem is premade groups, try do opr on mornings, feels like diferent game ;D


I feel like I was just in that OPR you are describing. Too much ranged leads to a horrible OPR experience. Sure, you could change the map, but there’s so much wrong with PVP, the classes, weapons, cc’s etc. that new maps aren’t going to fix it. I mean if you can’t even get to the fight, how is that fun? On the other end of the stick, getting one shot in pvp isn’t fun either. I mean nobody should be unhittable and nobody should be one shot. That doesn’t seem so controversial to me. They really need to look at PVP from the bottom up. As someone said, when it’s balanced it’s fun as hell. They need to (the devs) try to bring balance but also create a system that doesn’t overly punish imbalances (because they happen in every pvp game). The gap seems like it can be extraordinarily wide though in New World. When it’s an unbalanced match up, it’s off the rails bad.


Quick adjustments to be made are to adjust scoring away from ranged aoe damage output and to point control play in a proximity around the objectives.

Remove Mortal empowerment.


I have seen people helping others gain mortal empowerment stacks, they just respawn and feed themselves to their friends.

Mortal Empowerment should be removed. It gives unfair advantage to range players, and it can also be abused.


New Meta didn’t reach your server yet? On my server everybody and their grandma runs greatsword and 2 hits you.


Its enough covers, problem is ppl whu go from point a to point b in straight line :smiley:

I love OPR but most games are one sided and pointless these days.

Some of the many reasons:

  • Lack of any balance or group forming system.

  • Mortal Empowerment is fun to play but a bad mechanic that makes strong stronger.

  • Scope on muskets is unfair – attacking people that can’t see you is not good game play.

  • OPR map is far too open and lacks enough cover.

  • Foliage is not cover due to huge red dot over head and people manipulating graphics drivers to see through it.

  • Melee damage is too high – forces people to play ranged when a great axe can kill you with a single combo in a second or two.

  • Due to lack of balance most go without healing and can’t risk going into melee.

  • Lack of reward for playing on point. Points should be based on damage done on point. That can include ranged damage to point but shooting someone out in the bushes should not be equal to damage done on point. Should be damage to someone on point x2. Damage on point while on point x4.

  • Skill and gear difference between new and old timers is big now. Need a ranked OPR with substantially better rewards.

  • Still, lots of players just after their Ruby Gypsum getting their 500 points and going afk. Needs a better system to prevent this.


I think an opr style map in the ruins of a labyrinth would be cool and promote close quarters combat with more segregated smaller encounters instead of zergs and gunlines like we have now.


IMO it would do wonders if they made their forts like actual forts with an outter wall then inner building with multiple levels with multiple entrances with choke points etc. This would go a long way to making all specs more viable. The current “forts” are a joke


This is what I would do.

  1. Remove Baron.
  2. Lock the out post to the respected sides with a spawn point.
  3. Turn the middle post into a Fort, and just let everyone fight over it.

At the end of the day, that is what people really want to do, just fight it out, not capture a flag or kill monsters.


A smaller PvP mode, such as a 5v5 or 10v10, would probably be easier to balance.

I use to play OPR all day, but I haven’t really played it much in weeks.


Definitely agree. OPR is just out of control now. bows queue with bows, musket squad lands shots out of render distance and companies roll in with proper 5man war setup bruiser/mage/healer groups.
Why is solo and group queue still a thing in this terrible adaption of a MOBA?!

Stopped playing OPR a while ago and now I just login for wars. New World isn’t my main game anymore even if it’s my favorite one.

I hope a new gamemode like the one you mention could open for better balanced PvP but I don’t have any expectations.


Opr is the only BG PvP that we have and its tainted with PvE element and the worst MM possible for this mode.
I used to play OPR for hours, now i barely que, Not fun, even when you steamroll and win, its not fun.
Its not engaging gameplay.