Outpost Rush is not fun at all

It’s just a sweat fest for the people who can’t hack it in League of Legends or DOTA 2 so they come to an MMO where they can grind out gear advantages due to their copious amount of free time.

And then they queue up as 3-5 man teams and it’s a giant stomp.

It’s not a problem with the maps. It’s not a problem with the horribly balanced janky combat. It comes down to the types of people who want pvp MMOs. And there is a reason every exclusively pvp MMO has crashed and burned. There is a reason the pvp within other MMOs regularly gets threads like this where there is talk about it “not being fun” or “nobody queues” or “game mode is dead” or whatever else.

I’m not saying these people are wrong for putting in the time to get an advantage but we’ve all seen the end results before and we see them today with this game. The solution to nobody queueing? Cross-server queues. I guess we’ll slow the bleeding and maybe OPR and 3v3s will be “healthy” for another few years.

The only success we’ve seen with pvp stuff in MMOs is probably Old School Runescape which runs on nostalgia and the heavy pvp stuff they do put out there involves regular server wipes and seasons.

I gave pvp a go in New World, I sometimes do it for gypsum (so 0-4 times a day) but yeah… if I want a pvp experience it’s not going to be here. I want something based on skill and experience.


Me likely big maze idea.


Battleground post

OPR inside the brimstone Pyramid


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No mainly is problem with maps, design is nice looks fine, but have nothing to interesting large scale pvp, same like wars. Ok they are focused around teamwork but this argument is mehh… is obvious have you ever seen MMO pvp not based on teamwork? Wars: One big open space, no narrow paths, obstacles, hills, possible ways to attack players from the back. Nothing base on zerg tactical fight… and nothing gives smaller groups chances to stop bigger zerg… Win a group who did not forget push defense potion button … OPR same story ok you have more of that I mentioned before like mines and ruins near SOL outpost, but still…


Would you say WvW in GW2 is a success?

The last success I can think of was niche success with RvR in DAoC. And those days are long gone.

I give the pvp in MMOs a fair shake. There is usually one of - grind really hard for really good gear or horribly unbalanced pvp. GW2 for example would fall into #2. New World would fall into #1. Both games have trouble maintaining pvp populations.

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You know for me this “gear issue” its good excuse… really basic gear 2 perks resilent+ skill perk/freedom/shirking fort costs on Nysa pennies 4-5k ?, weapons like bow att+ ench 3k ( example), amulet health+ stamina regen+ empower u get from pvp track, earring pvp track, there is also ring with ingv punishment ? not sure someone must confirm… or u just check where on nwdb site where drop gear. In previous patch u can get in BSS BIS Shirking Fort/resilent/reshrefing light pants… you can be pvp ready for free… by the time u will get a lot of good pvp gear (legendary) from OPR crests… you can also try to reroll weapons from those chests, because after u upgrade it to 600 they become legendary with random 3rd perk. This is MMORPG not moba… and it’s not so grindy as many believe…

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We’re keeping an eye on Outpost Rush and always looking for ways to improve the game mode. It’s come a long way since we first shipped it and it’s a piece of the game we’ll support for a long time. It sounds like a lot of the current frustration boils down to the meta around ranged weapons and how that’s impacting the moment to moment gameplay within the game mode. We’re always watching weapon balance and what we can do to improve the experience within our game modes so we hear your frustration here and we’ll keep an eye on what we can do to continue improving the experience within the game mode.


and with the new auto pot, musket rats gona be more happy , haha.
never gona die to bow 2 shot again AS IT AUTO HEALS YOU.

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Appreciate the response. Thank you.


you can not just try to cover the shit hole, you got to remove the hitscan

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Thank you, this is an excellent update. I am now going to shamelessly ask you to look at 250 (really this one) and 300 con perks and their associated usage.

Can AGS please reconsider these perks? 250 in particular is just instantly consumed by an arrow most of the time. Very low value.

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You are right. It’s not a MOBA. It’s an MMO. And if there aren’t enough players… the mode should just die. That’s it. The end.

It should not be on the pve players in an MMO to constantly subsidize the pvp playerbase and constantly be target dummies for the pvp playerbase.

It’s flat out not worth the time or effort. Let OPR and 3v3 die. It provides literally no value.

If the playerbase can sustain itself? Fine. But so many resources, so much time, so much reward track and gear, attempts to blackmail pve players into the modes and into flagging… and literally none of it has worked. It’s tiring that every update has massive reworks to pvp. Stop wasting time and resources on it unless it proves it can sustain itself.

What could help in the short term while working on balance is letting the art team loose on designing a new map that is more enclosed and doesn’t have those snipe spots. Then they can just rotate in at random.

This would also make many, many OPR players happy to have something new to play around in.


OPR and arenas will never die … they are dying since I remember… game had 20k in peak and still they were more than alive … MMORPG should be balanced between PvE and PvP its fine when you should do both to be better n better. ( ofc with logic proportion). Normalize gear to 600 was a good move ( why not 625? Its 3% difference in attack power 1,5% in def, any ideas why not 625? I dont get it tbh) and we end it on scaling gear score, rest is my progression, my time… I should be rewarded for that too.

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Yep. And the forts should be in the open world.


We need new maps and modes please!!


And maybe to the fact that OPR has not gotten any significant updates since launch? I mean come on, PvP players have been playing the exact same map for 12 months now, there have not been any interesting additions to the mode in the form of new items or new events f.e., like ever, and the mode is just incredibly repetetive and stale at this point.

Yes, some of the frustration boils down to the massive Meta shifts that are caused by the constant questionable changes from the combat team, but most of the frustration simply boils down to PvP not getting any meaningful updates whatsoever.

Besides that, PvP is just not nearly as rewarding as PvE activities. Umbral Shards from PvP are an absolute joke + all item rewards are Bind on Pickup and 99% of them roll with perk combinations that are complete garbage anyways. So if a Mode is extremely stale to begin with and then doesn’t even feel rewarding, why would I ever get excited about that mode at this point?

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OPR is not that bad its just boring we need a better form of accessible pvp.

Add a pvp zone on the world map!!