Outpost Rush Lag

Anyone else having severe lag issues in Outpost mid pastweek up till today?
Like we are talking several things.

  1. Damage Animation goes off but doesn’t do damage. And the ability is available once again.
  2. Your character and enemy characters is bumping back and forth.
  3. Rolling forward can make you roll backwards.
  4. Attack delays of 1-3 seconds.

My entire company is experiencing this in intervals, and it’s getting to a point when it’s unplayable.
A minor second is the difference between making a fool of yourself and getting into a awkward position, or getting done a well executed play is what matters in PvP.
We can’t have these issues, removes everything what’s fun about PvP.

As a melee, this is more than unbearable with the new mage meta if you can’t even hit properly or dodge for that matter.

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Please stop posting to this forum every time you got lag or a bug

I mean everyone not only thread starter

So you think we should not inform feedback about a live version that has issues?
Get off the forums mate, you seem like a person who needs to educate yourself about what a forum is meant for in general.

By your philosophy;
Everytime your main weapon is not working ingame when youre left or right clicking. For let’s say years, you’re not gonna bother then?
Then you move on to your secondary weapon, and some abilities are not going off. You’re not gonna say anything for months then either or?
Then you move on through the entire list of weapons, and NOTHING is working and you’re gonna say “Please stop posting to this forum every time you got a weapon that isn’t responding or doing a animation, I mean everyone not only thread starter”.

OPR is extremely laggy for the last few days.

  • Health bar desync for all players
  • Projectile delay
  • Player position desync and lag

All other players on my server report the same issue. El Dorado west.


Outpost rush is unplayable for melee now, you just miss all the skills because of dsync.
You just get rooted by some ice gauntlets then shot to death

I feel like the lag doesn’t start occuring until people keep spawning additional NPC mobs(mainly brutes). It’d be nice if we could get clarification that they’re aware of an issue.

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