Outpost rush Latency and largescale pvp

Why is outpost rush even in the game at this point?

it is almost unplayable even with a consistent 90-100fps none of my skills hit anything. Dodging etc is sheer luck.
Players are able to dodge out of gravity well 2-3seconds after its already landed. Reap almost never hits a mobile target.
its almost as if the target is already 4paces away by the time the game registers the reap.

As soon as there is anymore than 5-6people fighting the game shits itself.

If you want to incentivise people to play this broken mode with gypsum.
please fix the game first… I just spent an hour and 20mins queueing for what was a stressful mess and I’m far from alone!!!
PVP on largescale in New World is around 15-20% skill and the rest is just straight lag and luck.

Its not fun and will not be sustainable longterm…such a dissapointment.

My suggestion is sack off outpost rush and put in 2v2 3v3 arena type game modes as at least you have a chance of utilizing some skill in this environment.

PVE is what is keeping me in this game which is unbelievable to be honest


tried to do outpost rush again today with friends and then got some bug that i could not move without jumping… excellent game guys

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