Outpost Rush Many PVE options under-utilised

Another feedback post for outpost rush, I didn’t do that many games and I am playing only Solo so far (not in a company).

I have noticed that the main thing to use is Brutes, they are very strong and annoying to deal with.

There may be a bug with Brutes spawning multiple at a time, unsure if that has been fixed.

But everything else seems way too time consuming. The best option is seemingly to just rush every objective with as many people as possible.

Sending people out to collect wood, ore, hide, is just meaning you have less people to fight with. The Brute is the exception because it is very strong.

I would like some changes so that things are utilized more often if possible. It seems like a waste of time to collect a bunch of resources and then either die and lose it all at once, or build stuff and then the enemy never attacks that outpost for the remainder of the match anyway.

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