Outpost rush OP musket spot

Take a look at this nice sniping spot for muskets in OPR enjoy! you’ll be glad you watched it if you use a musket! Leave your thoughts in the comments and let me know what you think!


OR if you perfer youtube

I’ll also be uploading some more spots as time goes on so be sure to hit the follow/sub button to get notifications on when they get dropped

Man, don’t show people the good spots. I’d prefer people not find me.

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well as a musket user myself i think other musket users should know! otherwise everyone is like “musket is useless”

That’s fine. They can think it’s useless as I pop their melons in OPR and blast their siege laying prone in a bush. Everybody else is playing New World while I’m playing Tarkov. :wink:

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YES! YES! more of this is needed i love the musket and its a great weapon for wars and OPR the main stream kids think its useless though

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