Outpost Rush Queue Penalty

I’ve been trying to play Outpost Rush with my friends, and for the third time today upon completing a match I receive a 1 hour and 15 minute queue penalty. I did not leave the match early, or go afk at all during the match. Why is the penalty being applied only to me and not anyone else in my party? And why is the penalty ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES? This is in addition to missing the matches because my client just crashed on the loading screen. Can you please lessen the queue penalty while the game is so bugged? It’s making it really hard to enjoy this game with my friends when Outpost Rush is the only thing remotely fun.

I have the same issue.
On my first Match today i was instantly kicked upon joining, with an AFK message.
Then I played a match successfully, we even won got rewards but now I’m banned for 1h 15m.
Scuril on Goldenthal

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