Outpost rush rewards idea

Could be wrong but this seems like content that should be rewarding faction tokens as another way to push for pvp faction gear, not real sure what another has to do with ant of it and it caps out at such a low number, doesn’t take long to only be receiving gold as a reward especially if u love OR and that’s all ur wanting to do with ur time online

Doing boring missions in town while flagged for pvp and seeing very little pvp isn’t a fun way to grind for pvp gear imo and some walks are SOOOO long lol

Yeh I thought the same. Gold + azoth that’s been capped for ages doesn’t make much sense at all.

Plus, the crate doesn’t increase watermark.

Can you still occasionally get those 600 GS items/weapons from outpost. Their old wiki even listed some skins from outpost, I know know how much of it is accurate now.

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