Outpost rush rewards: Utter garbage

3 games, 3 one sided roflstomps in a row, zero rewards, despite having the 2nd most healing and consistent performance.

Even the games that aren’t spawncamped by premades still only yield a pathetic amount of gold, even for victory, that isn’t worth the time of 70% of the players in the match, assuming it actually lasts long enough to get rewards. Don’t even get me started on the fact that finishing off downed players is the only thing that grants kills.

This “high level activity” is a complete joke of a mode.



They tried to fix rewards for AFK players but didn’t know how to properly do it, so now people that are actually playing don’t also get any rewards sometimes. It’s amazing.


3 games with zilch as well. One of them I had like 6-8 knockdowns and 0 kills so no rewards. This is such BS.


If I see my team getting stomped, afk farm pve - its worth more points than actually pvp.


Or the moonwalking bug. Literally just running in place the whole game or jumping the whole time to move lol

So apparently you need to get 500 points to qualify for a reward. I haven’t confirmed it but given how the scores work its probably your not contributing enough in their eyes. Try chopping a tree and mining an ore to build the first outpost’s spawn point. that should give you enough to afk and still get your rewards

don’t shoot the messenger I’m just trying to help

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OPR IS garbage, all of it


I agree, healers get too much credit in this game mode



I guess if your team is getting stomped and spawn camped, there isn’t much healing going on. For both sides, if you are doing the stomping, most probably none of your team mates are getting any damage to be healed, so in that case as well, healers don’t get much score.

In a fair fight between both sides, healers would always get top spot due to the scoring system being soooo bad.

You need 500 points in order to get rewards. The system is not optimal but it is better to not have bots getting rewards. You honestly should be able to get 500 in a game even with assists.

Maybe it was bugged in your case?

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