Outpost Rush | Rewards

Allow all OPR players to receive rewards for joining OPR.

A few scenarios that happen, which is why I’m recommending this!

  1. I wait in que for a long time enter OPR the score is 4-998 and before I can take my first step forward the match ends, 0 rewards. Waste of time.
  2. I play the game, sometimes I don’t get any kills or assist, 45 minutes of my time wasted. I have to then play OPR by building doors, which isn’t fun. Additionally building doors can also lead to 0 rewards, when you die harvesting wood/mining. You get 0 points for harvesting.
  3. I’ve had over 10 games of OPR with 0 rewards. That’s over 300 minutes of QUE time + OPR time with 0 rewards.

OPR is already tiring enough with players stat padding & farming matches. If players obtained reward just for joining, it will lead to even worse matches. Reward with little consequence is what help start the stat pad logic in OPR, your suggestion would make it 100x worse.


The math ain’t mathing. You waited in q for a long time only to enter a match that has been going on for awhile and is almost done…?

I admire that you’re still trying to help the team win but if you’re going to do pve just kill 15 mobs(12 if you kill one of the lost brutes) and turn the azoth in at the brute shrine. Boom 525 points, rewards are secured. Takes like 3 minutes. I understand that there are games when you get in late and don’t have time for that.

Started match - 538 to 110 shows 35:27 left in the match.

Match ended 0 rewards

Less than 2 minutes to play the match. Complete waste of time, there should be some rewards for joining!

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The only solution to this as a player would be to leave the match immediately. I didn’t even have time to run to the base. This is not good for players, it made me join this QUE before someone else left for this exact same reason.

Yes it is anoying. The required points should be based on when you joined the game.

However, if you re-que right away you will likely go in to the next game with little to no wait.


I think the easiest way to handle this so everyone is happy is the following:

As long as you’re doing ANY activity that generates ANY amount of points every 1-2 minutes then provide a reward.

A really good example of these 5 guys (4 of them on the other team) that were not able to make rewards because the score was 1003 to 56. They didn’t have any opportunity even though they played the game!!! Yes the 0 score person should not get rewards. As long as they get points, give them a reward.

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I struggled a lot as a melee when I first 60 and had no gear. I only did PVE killing monsters and getting brutes…
But even to this day sometimes if i decide to play tank i struggle to get points

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Another game of players not getting 500 points and wasting their time. I’ve decided to just go full time PVE and only kill mobs, it’s the only way to possibly get 500 points. I feel horrible for these other players. Please fix this. How long do you think they’ll keep playing ORP without rewards?


  1. Remove the 500 point limit to get rewards, make it 1 point or any points obtained within 1-2 minutes of the game ending.
  2. Provide MORE points for capturing an tower, currently theres 0 incentive to sit there and capture the tower, you’re only hurting your chances as a player to not get rewards. The points are basically 0.
  3. Provide points for buying items from the tower (bears, potions…etc). This is 0 currently and no incentive to do it for players struggling to get points.

Advice to new players:

  1. As a new player if you’re struggling to get points, only kill the small mob NPCs. This will net you 500 points in approximately 3.5 minutes. The best way to do this VERY IMPORTANT when you start the match look for the image below on your map. Then go to that side and kill the small mobs, after they die deposit the azorath into that location. That will give you points. DO NOT BUY BEARS OR items in your tower, you will get 0 points.



If you play OPR, you should get rewarded. There’s no good reason a playing participant should come away with no rewards. AGS needs to fix this problem.

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my guy have you tried getting better? if you cant get any assists in 45 minutes you simply dont deserve any rewards. this is a pvp mode, if you cant pvp just dont play. rewards shouldnt exist for just joining they should reward you for your accomplishment.

this post shows why pve people shouldnt be forced into pvp. theyre part of why pvp sucks in this game. dragging everyone down with them.

If you spend 45min in OPR, and dont get 1 kill or 1 assist, and dont get reward (so less than 500 points) It mean you are very very very bad at this game, and maybe you should stop trying to play PvP mode and stick with PvE.

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You should add some base turrets that cannot be destroyed. This isn’t fun. We can’t leave base.

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Then you’ll just have bots filling OPR lol. Legit, they’ll just stand at the door.