Outpost Rush seems broken

I have to admit, I am frustrated with OPR. I like the mode, I like the concept but it is broken.

I seem to place last in most if not all games (Which is no fault but my own) but it seems 2 out of 3 games I apparently do not “participate” enough to earn rewards. I am unclear as to how this works, and in fact the only time I actually do get rewards is when I collect resources and upgrade 1 town. Ill just stick to Luna, or Astra (Whichever is closer to spawn) and Ill focus on that the entire game, and actually get enough points to earn rewards.

I’m an avid lover of capture-type game modes, where you cap points and hold them, which is exactly what OPR is. So, I love running from point to point and capping them, even fighting for them. So why is it, when I capture a point, I get 0 points? I counted one match, and I captured a total of 15 points for my team by bouncing back and forth after we lost them. We won the game, but I didn’t participate enough to earn any rewards.

Now, I’m not the best at PVP I’m not afraid to admit that, but I still find it fun. I’ll follow the zerg, and shoot people non-stop, rack up 100k-300k total damage, have 1-5 kills and a handful of assists, and STILL not have participated in the match to earn rewards.

I know other people have other issues with OPR but for me, this is the biggest one. I’m still working on my gear, my build, and my skills to actually be good at PVP but until I can kill 50 people in a match, I would like some sort of reward. And please reward people who actually play the objective and capture the points, isn’t that the whole point of OPR ?


You need 500 points to get any rewards.

You should get points for capping, but yeah just make sure you have 500 points minimum. 3k points for max rewards.

The whole game seems broken.

And updates are getting slower and still break as much as they fix.

“should” I agree we should get points for capping, but you don’t…

kill and gather NPC’s till you have 500 points, then go for the hunt :smiley:

If Outpost Rush is wasting your time, then honestly, STOP playing it.
If AGS sees Outpost Rush engagement numbers are “healthy” they won’t change course.
When Outpost Rush stops popping because people are fed up of all the nonsense situations, only then will AGS go into panic mode and do something. Which might make it even worse, but at least it won’t be the same as it is now.

You can thank the AFKs for this.
New World’s so-called PvP demographic in fact contains a lot of exploiters who try their best to NOT PvP and just collect rewards.
Too many AFKs and now everyone suffers having to play for points instead of playing the game.
Instead of playing Outpost Rush objectives, now people are doing what they can for points – because they want rewards and don’t want their time wasted.

So now we have the ironic situation where you are trying to play as intended but not getting rewards. I bet you there are people NOT playing as intended but getting a lot more rewards. Like this:

Because people play Outpost Rush to PvE, right?
Thanks for encouraging people to do this, AGS <.<

I just told him how to get the reward, chill my brother/sister. It takes 5 minutes to get 500 points just by kililng NPC’s. The rest of the game you can play “as intended”

Yes I know. Like I said, just make sure that you get 500 points

Ignore those that equate PvE objectives to afking.
They don’t understand that opr is PvEvP even though it right in the description of the game mode given in game and by the devs. PvE objectives can help the team win by fortifying the outposts, getting dmg reduction/dmg buffs for the entire team, and freezing the enemies score.

Opr has a lot of problems, the biggest one is how points are calculated. The second biggest one is that people just don’t organize.

Well there is not much incentive to organize

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I know. Just pointing that out.

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