Outpost Rush server? (Where should I transfer to?)

Hi forums. I came back to the game after a long break (it’s been 4 months, give or take), but my server (Tir Na Nog EU central) is dead.
I queued up for OR and was litterally the only one in queue. For hours.

So, since I still have free transfer tokens available, I’d like to transfer to a more populated server, but here comes the big question: where should I go?
Considering I don’t care about PvE at all and as far as PvP goes, I only care about outpost rush, really. Can you suggest a server where OR is the main focus, or at least the queues are not taking ages? I’d truly appreciate your help.

Come to Dry Tree - it’s not only the most competitive PvP server, but also the most populated server on the game. OPR queues still fill up until about 3-4am sometimes, even on weekdays.

Queues during the day/evening are either instant or a few minutes.


Definitely Dry Tree

Maramma is the best server.everyone knows.

Dry Tree it is then!
Thanks for the help everyone.

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