Outpost rush spawn camping is even worse

Please consider a short immunity timer like we have when we leave a settlement. People are now just spawn camping the wall you put up, killing people as they port through, usually when heal circles, ice circles, void circles, etc already up making it impossible to fight back or run.


I was just in an OPR where the other team all camped the fort portal and we had zero chance of making it out alive. They did this until they got 1000 points and we had close to none. It was pathetic. I was glad they were fixing fort camping, but this did make it worse sadly.

The problem is we are all exiting through one small spot where they can just camp. We need more than 1 door, 3 ideally, to exit from.

Yup… Outpost rush is just terrible… please add a cooldown like when leaving a town flagged… - Valhalla - US East

:joy: - -

Yeah, not a very well thought out fix.

Yep, this def seems to be the cheapest way to win now. Those are just the close ones you can see.

Comical change, actually hilarious this was even conceived let alone went through.

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