Outpost Rush Starting with 32/40

Why on earth does the match start with 32/40 players. I’m on one of the most populated servers in the world and each match starts with like 16v18 … then eventually fills out to 20v20 … 6 people get bumped into the match half way through… also the initial fight is always crap because for some reason the teams don’t even balance to equal numbers. Rethink this immediately. I’ve played hundreds of outpost rush and the start of the match is never “good.” its just a cluster fuck of one team having more players and players trickling into the match. Only after about 3-4 minutes do the match get into a rhythm.

Solution: Start the damn match when its 38/40

A match can last up to 45 minutes… its okay for us to wait 30 extra seconds to get a good start… seriously.

I’m going to post a 3rd time because this is so dumb to me. Why on earth would you design something that is supposed to take FORTY FIVE MINUTES and RUSH US TO START. Feels very disrespecting of our time.

and it doesn’t matter that you have a photosensitivity warning at the beginning. What the BRUTES do is PHYSICALLY UNHEALTHY. The way the brutes pull your character is jarring and causes physical discomfort and I know for a fact people have keeled over at the keyboard in seizure because of how it whips your character around especially if there is more than one.

come up with a different mechanic. nobody likes it and you are physically harming your customers. it doesn’t matter how big of a company you are, if you physically harm people intentionally you deserve to be punished.

40 is the maximum capacity, 20v20 at most. 32 is just how many you need to pop the queue. This is not a bug, but working as intended. Small pop servers NEED the 32 in order to pop OPR queue at all…

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