Outpost rush team balancing

After the recent update, I noticed that the system placed all premade groups into 1 team and all the solo into the others. Its nearly impossible for solo players to win outpost rush now. I’m currently 4 wins 37 loses despite every game with 10+ kills and around 3 death (pretty sure I can get more win by afk before the latest patch). PLEASE FIX / REVERT.

RNG. Unless somehow you are doing so poorly you have made your team lose 37 out of 41 games which I highly doubt, its just RNG and sometimes you win sometimes you lose.
I personally solo queue all the time and have a complete opposite ratio of yours, and I don’t think groups are automatically put together while solos are left to be solo.

I was wondering how this worked. I recently transferred to a more populated server (best decision I’ve made) and it has been a blast. Almost no OPR Q. I can make money and azoth again by doing what I enjoy PVP.

I also have way more people to run around and farm zones with. However, I have noticed that when I join OPR solo it is very rare that my side wins. I’ll average 7 to 15 kills in the games. Some games are close but most are just super one-sided.

I think they need to remove the brute summons as well. The damn thing is impossible to kill. Launches boulder after boulder onto the point. Just kills the PVP aspect. Bears and Ghouls seem fine. Not sure if that is even fixable with the groups. They are obviously going to be more balanced and play together. Can’t be in a group and then que up and put on the other team. That would be strange as well.

little did he know, OP’s 10 kills were wolves

Ye they should change this system , and they should fix the ui team so we can kick afk player or who just do pve stuff in opr…ffs why mining and other things in opr give skill to thier job… Some people even ignore whole the group and doing thier thing in opr …ffs its pvp u should work with the group not doing stuff for ur self…

they should balance it a bit. ive had my fair share of losses while playing 10v20.

they shouldn’t balance it “a bit”, premade groups and random solos just shouldn’t be able to queue together at any given time!

What most solo players fail to recognize is that Outpost rush is a team effort… you work as a team… perhaps create and form your own premade group so you can start winning more rather than losing?

I see so many solo people using Outpost Rush as their own personal deathmatch ring rather than playing the actual objective.

The only thing I dislike the most about OPR is summoning strong elite like NPCs like the brute who is simply not killable.

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