Outpost rush telling me I suck so don't get loot

This post will paint me in a bad light player skill wise but something that just happened made me really not want to compete in OPR and that was we got spawn camped and 3 capped and I ended up with so little points the “rewards” screen told me to earn more points to get a reward. Wow well that feels great! Amazon games telling me you want a reward? git gud. And at least 8 other people got this message in that 1 match cause I was 32nd place

This is not common to happen to me apparently I have fairly good luck in OPR being balanced teams but I have heard from many people that they do get spawn camped in nearly 50% of their matches

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The only thing you can really do, which I’ve had to do over the last few days… Zerg over to the npc mobs right away and start killing until you hit 500. Most of the time I’ve been able to point up to 500 before the game ends. It’s been close because these matches go so fast when you’re rushed like this but it seems to be common lately. I lost out of a few drops because of this to where I wasn’t even able to get my fill of npc kills before the match ended.

If you think about it, that’s pretty fast since it shouldn’t take long to get 500 points worth of npc kills.

Sad when you can’t even play the rush correctly and you have to farm npcs just to get a score.

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